Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!


I was walking from town to the place where I had parked, and caught the glint of something on the ground. It turned out to be a lovely engagement ring set with diamonds and a sapphire, quite distinctive. I decided that I would take it to the police station, and set off again to collect my car. On the way I met the mother of my brother-in-law's fiancee, and showed her the ring. She was ecstatic as it turned out that this was her daughter's engagement ring, which she had lost earlier in the day and had been looking all over for.


I had gone into town shopping some years ago. Whilst walking past a bank of about 6 telephone boxes, one of them started to ring, being the nosie so and so I am, I picked it up. Now remember im in the middle of town along with hundreds of other people, it was my brother on the other end of the phone. He had dialed the wrong number and got the phone box that I answered!!!!


In 1993 I arrived in a hostel in Sydney Australia and within an hour met a Dutch guy called Kees Van Gelderen . We spent 5 days having a laugh in Sydney before he went to Canberra to see long lost relatives . I spent the next three weeks in Melbourne then Adelaide and then got on the bus I'd selected to take me up to Coober Pedy on route to Alice Springs . I sat down in my allocated seat 36a . Kees got on within minutes and sat in his allocated seat ;36b . Late on the same trip as I was travelling down the East coast I met a girl from the U.K.


Having married 1st time to a woman born on 26/july/1943 divorced and remarried a 2nd time to a woman born on the same date 26/july/1943. Mother died and the house was sold to a couple by the name John and Linda Robertson, John being my name, Linda being my wife's name and Robertson being my mother's nee name!

One person, two coincidental meetings

In the very early 80s I was British Council programme officer for a Bulgarian violinist studying in London on a scholarship and got to know her fairly well, but we more or less fell out of touch when she returned home. About three years later, in about 1985, I went for a walk one Sunday afternoon on Hampstead Heath with a friend who was staying with me, something I almost never did, even though I lived not very far from the Heath, having moved from another part of London since my Bulgarian friend had left.

Alpine neighbours

My wife and I own a renovated farmhouse on the outskirts of an ancient small town in the French Alps where we have just two neighbourng properties. Ten years ago, when my wife came to France to undertake the legal business in connection with this purchase, she was invited to have coffee with the family next door. The young husband and his French wife had his parents staying with them, and my wife felt that she vaguely recognised that couple.

Spooky choice of an event

I don't know if this comes into the "forbidden" category of premonition. It's close to it, but here goes, because it is really spooky. I grew up in Swansea, S.Wales and went to the Grammar School there - an ancient edifice founded in the 1600's. But at age 18 we moved to London and spent all the years in England until retirement at age 65 in 1980. (Yes, that means I'm in my 97th year, but don't go away!). We had spent occasional holidays back in Swansea, but had not visited or thought about the Grammar School.

Village Idiot

My wife Liz' and I married in September1989. We had our honeymoon in Jamaica. On our return Liz needed to find a job. After a few months working in a dairy she found another job processing claims for an insurance company. She was one of dozens of people doing this. Some months passed when Liz' heard that one of the girls, Jo' and her partner John were trying to sell their house. Liz and I were looking to buy a house so Liz asked her about it. Arrangements were made to view and it suited our needs so after some negotiations spanning several months we eventually bought it.

Cat-sitters in Cardiff

A couple of Australian friends were in England on business and arrived in Cambridge on a Sunday evening prior to an appointment the following day. They decided to go out for a drink before dinner and went into a nearby hotel and requested a beer, This being in the age of restricted licensing hours the barman politely told them that he was unable to serve them until after 7pm as they were not residents. A woman sitting at a nearby table spoke up and, as a resident, asked if she might buy them a drink which they gladly accepted.

Place Coincidence

I have Belgian friends who lived in a small village, Ruddervoorde between Ostend and Brugges. A few years ago they were visiting us in the UK for Christmas. My Uncle (married to my father's sister) who lived 150 miles away called in to drop off presents. I did not know he had any connection with Belgium. He had never met my friends and asked where they lived. They said he would never have heard of the place but told him the name of their village. He said 'I've been there. My aunt met a Belgium General during the war and married him and lived there.