Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

birthday coincidence

My brother and I are exactly four years apart - both born on the same day. Both were natural births, within a few days of the relevant due dates. There are no other children.

Lime Cordial

One day I had a craving for lime cordial which I had not tasted since I was a child so I bought some. Later that day my boyfriend phoned me from his work and commented that he had drunk some lime cordial,which his colleague had offered him, and he had not tasted it since he was a child!

Money lost, money found!

I once stayed with friends in the Black Mountains and went out by myself to climb to a hill fort on the opposite hill. It was a hot day and I took my coat off at the top. Unfortunately, I forgot it and when I went back to look for it, my coat had gone. The coat had £25 in and my return rail ticket home. I was a university student at the time so losing £25 meant a lot to me. That same year I spent Christmas witrh parents in Cardiff and one day walking into the city centre I noticed some currency notes blowing around just in front of me. I picked them up and they totalled £25.

Births Deaths & Marriages

My sister's youngest child, a daughter and my eldest child, also a daughter were born on exactly the same day. My father was born on New Years day, my sister on St Patrick's day and my youngest daughter on St George's day.

old friend

I had lost touch with a friend I trained with in '69, She was in the Channel islands I was in Hampshire. (we trained in London) Seven years later I got on a crowded train at Winchester with my small daughter, there were not a lot of seats & I searched for someone who looked as if they wouldn't mind a small child next to them-I saw a lady who I thought looked kind & sat next to her. It was my lost friend of seven years earlier, we have stayed in touch ever since. Meg

Would we have married anyway?

Just before I was born my mother's eldest sister married a widower with two sons. Douglas was 4 years older than me and Gordon 8 years. We did not live very near to each other but were brought up as cousins Soon after the war started Gordon, by then engaged, went into the Royal Engineers but soon after being sent out to the Middle East he got a "Dear John" letter. Later Douglas went into the RAF and I wrote to them both. In 1942 Douglas was killed over Germany and perhaps that made me write to Gordon a little more.

Surely thats very strange.....

Back in 1975 I was working in an office in Regent Street.

Examination coincidence

On Friday 13th January I had taken my Merchant Navy Officer of the Watch oral examination at the Maritime and Coastguard Agency building in Southampton. I passed the exam, and then set off on the drive home to Formby, near Liverpool, a 250 mile journey. When I arrived in Formby I stopped for a pint in my local pub. I was at the bar talking to my friend about my exam, when a man approached me asking if I had just done my OOW oral exam as he had overheard me talking about it. It turned out that he was an MCA examiner who knew the person who examined me by name.

Saved from being a matching pair at interview

In 1972 I travelled overnight to attend a job interview. There was to be only one other candidate. On the morning of the interview I was annoyed to discover that I had forgotten to pack the bold striped jumper that went with my outfit and I had to make do with another one. On arriving for the interview the other girl was wearing the same bold striped jumper I should have been wearing - how silly would we have looked - a lucky escape from a strange coincidence (I got the job.)

Digital clock numbers

Often when I awake in the night my bedside digital clock shows times with repetitive numbers e.g. 2.22 or 4.44 etc. I canot detect any associated sound which could cause me to wake. I never win raffle ticket draws or any other chance. I do have a good sense of time of day and time span. I can usually correctly assess a persons character within five or so minutes of meeting them: worryingly so. Would I go up the side of a mountain with this person? Rarely is the answer yes.