Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!


My whole life has been determined by significant coincidences ( I like to think that it is some kind of energy convergence). Each significant coincidence is always preceded by a significant event either in my personal or business life. I am open minded about all this stuff but do look out for these things now whenever I am involved in decisions. It almost sounds as though I am superstitious but I am not. Things just happen.


Many years ago I was going to my Divorce hearing in Birmingham with my friend.Neither of us had any idea where the court was where the hearing was taking place. As we stepped off the train we saw this gentleman and asked him if he knew. he gave us directions and went on his own way. Imagine my surprise, when in court later, the Judge was the same gentleman that had directed us.

Wedding Cheat

My friend's ex partner Neil had got back in touch with her and they re-started their relationship albeit secretly as he was still living with the woman he had left my friend for. He was supposed to be marrying this new woman. I never trusted him and did not think for a moment he would leave his new girlfriend for my friend..he was just stringing her along. My friend was convinced his intentions were good. One Friday she phoned to say the two of them had booked a hotel for that night and that he was set to leave his girlfriend and return home.

Same Birthday

I am one of 3 children (all boys) all born on July 8th, my Brothers Robert born 8.7.1939, Anthony 8.7.1943 and myself David 8.7.1947. I read in the Mail on Sunday that 2 people with the same birthday is 1 in 35000 so would like to know what our chance was. I have not heard of any living or dead family having 3 children all born on the same date.


I recently changed jobs and am still a little unused to the starting times, which are different most days. Last Thursday I unaccountably strolled in a whole hour early, to be told 'Thank GOODNESS you're here! We need you right away!' I just looked smug.

mr elliott stanley

Upon meeting my wife I discovered that her sisters husband had the same birthday as me(October 7th).As if that were not a big enough coincidence we then realised that his father shares the same birthday as my dad(July 12th).

chance meeting

My wife and myself were going on holiday to Bournemouth and decided to randomly take a trip into London to see some relatives. Our best friends at the time were going to Scotland for a short break. We decided to take a sightseeing trip and take in the tower of London. On our way into the tower who should be walking the other way but our best friends whose Scotland trip got cancelled so they decided to visit London instead. This was well before mobile phones and was a pure chance meeting. What are the odds on that.

Long lost relatives

When my Dad died in 1981, I was 11 and after a couple of years the family was pretty much split in 2. Apart from my paternal grandparents, no-one else really kept in touch. In the late 90s, Mum and I tried to track down 2 cousins (and their daughters) of my dad who used to live in Hampshire but they had moved. A dead end appeared to have been reached. In 2004, I went to see Duran Duran at Wembley Arena. My (then) friend and I got there to settle into our seats before it all began.

Same security codes

My grandson and I have both chosen exactly the same 4 numbers as our security codes. When we found out we just could not believe it!!

T'was meant to be!

I was on a night out with my friend and she bumped into her boyfriend. After a while they started arguing and she decided to leave and go home. Not wanting to hang up my dancing shoes just then and annoyed that she had gone home, i decided to go to the next bar and meet up with a few girls we were due to meet later that night. On my way there I caught a glimpse of one of the girls i was meeting in the window of the pub next door. Wondering why they were already out and hadnt told me, i stormed into the bar to approach them.