Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Raandom appearance of someone being talked about

A group of colleagues and I were outside a west London pub during the summer and for no specific reason we began discussing which actor we felt was the best James Bond. One of the group suggested Timothy Dalton and within 5 minutes he walked into the pub past us... To say our jaws hit the floor was an understatement! By way of explanation it turned out that the pub used to be his regular when he was filming and whenever he revisits the area he tends to drop by. None of us knew that and none of us had seen him there previously.

Two chance meetings on the same day

I am a British national living in Japan. On the same day, both my wife and I had chance encounters with friends travelling outside their home countries. I was in a ramen bar in Shibuya, Tokyo, when my cousin from England walked in and, without realising I was there, sat down next to me. Although I knew he travels to Japan from time-to-time, I did not know he was in the country and had not contacted him recently. I eat in Shibuya perhaps once in a fortnight. He, perhaps a couple of times a year.

One Man, Two Women - Same Birthdays

My ex wife and I had the same birthday. I then divorced and met a new partner on a dating website without knowing anything about her including her birthday. It turned out to be the same as well. So one man, two women, same birthdays! In addition my new partner's mother went to school with my auntie!

Christmas present coincidence

It was Christmas 2001 and my sister lived in London and I lived in Tenby (south west Wales). She had done all her Christmas shopping in London and myself in Tenby. Lo and behold we'd bought eachother exactly the same top! Of all the clothes in all the shops in the world!!

Mrs Christine noakes

Hi, both my son & daughter who are 2 years apart in age, were given the same due date of the 31st of august 1993 & 1995 They were born in different hospitals but the midwives who delivered them were both called Rosalind, they were born @ 11.15 pm & 6.15 am & they are both left handed. my husband & I are right handed! Another coincidence we took our family on holiday to Australia 11 years ago my husband & I had both previously been to Australia in our 20's and shared a house with others our age.

Dr D Walker

We are on the top of Table mountain. Someone behind us says "Ann" my wife's name. For obvious reasons we ignore it. But "Ann" is repeated and we turn to see it is being uttered by our NEXT DOOR Neighbour from Pinner. Neither of us had the slightest idea that the other was going to South Africa. Beat that!! Dennis Walker

Coincidence that may have saved my life

My name is Geoff. In 1981 I was working in Nigeria. One weekend I went with a group of friends to a beach about 40 miles west of Lagos. It was in the middle of nowhere and totally deserted apart from our group. There were no buildings of any sort there. We were having fun standing in the water and letting the waves - up to ten feet high - break over us. One wave didn't break over me. It lifted me off my feet and carried me up the beach before depositing me on my feet again - but the force of the water had lifted my arm out of its socket and my shoulder was dislocated.

Am I psychic?

I was deleting unnecessary phone numbers from our phone's memory and informed my wife that I was deleting the number of our local Indian takeaway as she already had it on her mobile. About thirty minutes later as we watched the local news on Granada Reports, it was announced that there had been a bad fire at the flat above the takeaway, The Village Tandouri, and that unfortunately someone had died. This happened only last week!!!

Australian connection

About 30 years ago I did a 6-week locum in Brisbane, Australia (during a year's amalgamated annual leave from my normal job). As I was the locum I of course had to do the Saturday morning sessions in a clinic on the outskirts of the city. On the first Saturday I arrived fairly early as I did not know how long it would take me to drive there. The clinic was in a small shopping precinct which included an estate agency, so to kill time I was looking in its window comparing prices and properties with what I might find in the UK. A man rushed out and suggested I came inside.

Felicity S

I was travelling with my husband in Ecuador some years ago and we decided to visit the market town of Otavalo, Stupidly we managed to lose the keys to our hire car. We had earlier visited a bar where the owner spoke good English so we went back to ask if he could help us which he did and because of his kindness we stayed for lunch at the bar and started chatting. We then discovered that his daughter's best friend was also a friend of mine in England.