Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Shared birth dates

My brother was born 7 March 1938 My daughter was born 7 March 1973 My daughter-in-law was born 7 March 1970


I had gone into town shopping some years ago. Whilst walking past a bank of about 6 telephone boxes, one of them started to ring, being the nosie so and so I am, I picked it up. Now remember im in the middle of town along with hundreds of other people, it was my brother on the other end of the phone. He had dialed the wrong number and got the phone box that I answered!!!!

wedding anniversary dates

I was married on 28th September 1974 (we'd altered the date from our first choice of the 21st to fit in with my father-in-law's job.) It was only whilst researching my family tree much later that I found that my grandparents had been married on 28th September 1924 - exactly 50 years to the day before my own wedding.


My paternal grandfather was a pit pony master in a mine in Yorkshire. My wife's maternal grandfather was a pit pony master in a mine in South Wales. Both were long dead before we met and had no connection to each other in any way. Considering this is a fairly rare occupation it is rather odd but the coincidence ends there. I don't like horses but my wife loves them.

Mrs B C

I have a daughter born on 16th November 1957 My son was born 3years and 3 minutes later 16th November 1960 My Father died on the 13th February 1983 my Mother died on the 13th February 2000 When I married my second husband in 1969 we realised that we had both been born in the same nursing home Twyford Lodge Willesden, although we lived in different areas and it took us 30 years to meet

Across the pond

My friend & I were out for a drink one evening about 23 years ago, & I heard American voices behind us. Being the nosy type, I turned & asked what part of the USA the elderly couple were from. Their response was that I had probably not heard of Lincoln, Nebraska. To their surprise I told them that my daughter had recently started studying on a swimming scholarship at that very university. The man turned out be the architect who designed the building Allison was studying in!

Sisters choose same recipe

My sister who lives in Florida sent me a cook book for Christmas 2011, called 660 Curries. It was a book she already had herself. I emailed her after Christmas to tell her which curry I had made for my first recipe from the book and she called me immediately to say that the recipe I had chosen to make for my first curry was the same recipe she had chosen to make for her first one. It was called Vibrant Chicken in a Spicy Tomato Sauce. For us both to choose the same recipe out of 660 was mind blowing.


In 1993 I arrived in a hostel in Sydney Australia and within an hour met a Dutch guy called Kees Van Gelderen . We spent 5 days having a laugh in Sydney before he went to Canberra to see long lost relatives . I spent the next three weeks in Melbourne then Adelaide and then got on the bus I'd selected to take me up to Coober Pedy on route to Alice Springs . I sat down in my allocated seat 36a . Kees got on within minutes and sat in his allocated seat ;36b . Late on the same trip as I was travelling down the East coast I met a girl from the U.K.


Having married 1st time to a woman born on 26/july/1943 divorced and remarried a 2nd time to a woman born on the same date 26/july/1943. Mother died and the house was sold to a couple by the name John and Linda Robertson, John being my name, Linda being my wife's name and Robertson being my mother's nee name!

One person, two coincidental meetings

In the very early 80s I was British Council programme officer for a Bulgarian violinist studying in London on a scholarship and got to know her fairly well, but we more or less fell out of touch when she returned home. About three years later, in about 1985, I went for a walk one Sunday afternoon on Hampstead Heath with a friend who was staying with me, something I almost never did, even though I lived not very far from the Heath, having moved from another part of London since my Bulgarian friend had left.