Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Wongly delivered letter gets to famous person,

I have the same fairly common surname as a certain film and TV actress (now retired politician)- Glenda Jackson. Having received a letter addressed to her, I was in the process of driving with the letter to the post office when I happened to see her in the street. I stopped, waved and then pushed the letter into her hand saying simply "this is for you". I was in a hurry so just drove off leaving a rather startled Miss Jackson in a Swiss Cottage side-street.

Family location

I live in Lancashire. I started researching my paternal family history abot 10 years ago. My brother and his wife lived in London and were aware of what I was doing but had no knowledge of what I had found - that partly being that our mid 1800's ancestors lived in Hastings, Sussex before returning to London around 1890. My brother/sister-in-law decided to buy a little place for weekends in the mutually agreed area of Bognor Regis. They started off to look at property there but stopped in Hastings for lunch on the way.

Finding our lost family

This incident happened in the early 1960's to my Parents :- > > My Grandparents were refugees from Belgium during the First World War. They settled in the UK and had 7 children (2 of whom were born in Belgium) one of which was my mother. In the early 60's my parents along with my mother's brother and wife went to Belgium to try and make contact with the Belgian side of our family. May Grandfather had had a little contact with his Belgian relations but it was rather sparse. My parents duly arrived in Brussels and took residence in the Hotel Metropole.

Adder in dream seen the next day

It was a hot June weekend in 1999 and I was staying with a friend in the Ashdown Forest, East Sussex. On the Friday night I dreamed I was walking along a sandy track and suddenly came across a snake that was blocking my path. It was a long snake, curled into an 'S' shape, moving from right to left, with its tail just hanging off the edge of the path into the grass. On the Saturday morning I woke up early and went for a jog before breakfast. It was an amazing clear morning with the promise of a hot day to follow.

airport coincidence

arriving back from holiday(from italy) i inadvertantly picked up the wrong suitcase,only realising once through customs,i waited for the people with my case to come through, a couple of dear old ladies who were confused but understanding!

Love comes late

I met a girl at college and we became good friends. She introduced me on three occasions to her best friend. 8 years later I met my partner in the gym and we fell for each other instantly. I met his sister a few weeks later. It was my college friends best mate. Maybe I should have made more of an effort with her at he time and I might have met my partner sooner??

Foot & Mouth Artists

As a young child of about 11, I had a very bad dream in which I had lost my hands. I was learning to paint using a brush in my mouth, but the whole experience was proving very traumatic as I could not come to terms with having no hands. Next morning as I was having breakfast, the postman arrived with something for me... It was from my mother who I had not lived with since I was about 6 years old - It was a calendar and every picture had been painted by a foot and mouth artist. It was a spine tingling moment!

Is that my cousin?

I see my extended family one a year at christmas if I'm lucky. I hadn't seen my cousin Gemma for two years. We live 40 miles apart. Me and my partner went for a drive out to the country one day and stopped in Bridgenorth. As we parked up I said I didn't really want to stay, my partner convinced me to have a walk around as we were there. We were in a heated discussion and sat in the car for twenty minutes before getting out. It was a bank holiday and we parked on a back street car park. We got out of the car and had not got a clue which way the town was.

mr stanley a

in 2007 we booked a family holiday to new york for 4 nights in november. a neighbour of ours who resides less than 70 yards away also booked to go but one day after we flew out . we joked about bumping into one another in the big apple but after 2days the thought of seeing someone we knew had completely been blown away by the sights etc. on the 3rd day we caught a bus to a place called ' woodbury common' .its about a one hour drive out of new york. woodbury common is a massive retail outlet area the size of a small town.

Birthday coincidence

in 2004 i ran a uk conference magazine aimed at the trade in the conference and incentive sector-Executive Venturer. I was invited by the Brazilian Tourist board-Embratur- to come to brazil along with a group of Uk buyers responsible for organising meetings and conferences on behalf of clients. While i was there we stayed at AMAZON TOWERS HOTEL -about 45 minutes by boat from Manaus. Executive Venturer ran an article on Brazil with a feature on said hotel. I had the privilege of being invited to the private house of the President and Chief Executive of The Amazon Towers Group. During th