Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Exchanging gifts

Back in the early 1990's, I was visiting a friend, who lived in Abergavenney. As I surprise I thought I would buy her a 'thank you for having me gift', and decided on a presentation pack of 'Paris' soap. Whilst enjoying a cup of coffee, she presentated me with a gift, so I thought I would hand her mine. Imagine our surprise when she had bought me exactly the same gift of 'Paris' soap.

dream and reality

When I was a teenager I had a dream that my grandad gave me 50p. (By that age he was probably giving me £1, or even £5, when we visited him.) The next day I went to secondary school as usual, and when I arrived at the bus stop near my house, there was 50p on the pavement, right where I'd normally wait. The bus stop was in frequent use, so I felt fortunate to be the only one to spot the coin. I thought at the time that this was a strange coincidence. Annabel

News of Ben

My wife and I lived in a large village in the Gezeira province of Sudan about 5 hours south of Khartoum. We were teachers in the secondary schools. We rented a house in the centre of the village. Since cooking was done on charcoal we sometimes bought sandwiches from the football club rather than spend an hour lighting the stove. One evening we had visitors and we were eating our sandwiches and chatting away. The topic was nearly always family as this is so important in Sudan.

Ms M Lee

Actually three In 1986 I took over a research post from a man who had the same birthday as me. My daughter married a man whose birthday is on the anniversary of her father's/my husband's death. On 14th Jan, I spoke to a friend who had just returned from a holiday that I had planned to join her on. My plans had to change. She went ahead and we spoke on her return this weekend. She told me that, at the swimming pool in her hotel, she had met the twin-sisters of my university room mate. She did not know this room-mate.

address coincidence

A colleague and myself were chatting one day a few years a go, about where we first started work. We now work in Somerset, but discovered that back in 1987 we were both living in East Croydon and used to go to the same pub, The Cartoon.

Strange words coinciding

Recently more and more I have noticed that as I have been writing, reading or saying words they have simultaneously cropped up . Just the other evening I was looking at my bookcase and got the notion to pull out an old red book. It was a copy of Black Beauty I was given as a little girl, nearly 50 years ago. As I started to read the first paragraph I read"water-lilies" and a split second after that I heard the narrator on a tv nature show saying "water-lilies"

Husband's Lover

Three years ago my husband left me for another woman. He was a self employed saddler. When later clearing out the garage I came across an old telephone notepad, it was over ten years old. On the page it was open was a message from the woman who would become his lover many years in the future.

birthday coincidence

My friend Nancy from school has 2 nephews from the same sister who are born 14 years apart with the same birthday (15th January). Jamie celebrates his 18th birthday today and his younger brother is 4years old. Happy Birthday boys!!

birth coincidence

My second child was born on June 14th 1972 - my third child was born on June 14th 1973. The coincidences were they were identical birth weights and............the same nurse was in attendance despite the first one being born in Germany and the next one in Northern Ireland!!!!!

P.O.Box 115 Rochester

In l966, newly returned from living in Tanzania, I ordered a wig (very fashionable at the time). it didn't fit, so I jumped in the car, drove from West Kingsdown to Rochester, looking for P.O.Box 115!! Yes, I know, stupid, but ignorant was my middle name! I arrived in Rochester at a T-junction with a huge dark brick wall facing, no signs of any description to be seen, and decided to turn right. Between the first two buildings was a large entrance with a man standing on the pavement.