Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!


On Monday 9th January 2012 we went to see The Comedy of Errors at the National Theatre. The play is about 2 sets of twins, one set the servants of the other set, who are separated soon after birth. 30 years later one master and servant arrive at the town where the other master and servant now live, and there is a long series of mistakes until they eventually meet. In this modern dress production the servant twins are dressed in identical replica Arsenal shirts.

Appendix - double trouble!

My 18 year old daughter woke in considerable pain one day and I took her to the doctors surgery. Whilst waiting for her to come out, I took a call from my 22 year old son who told me not to worry but that he was in A & E at his local hospital as they thought he may need his appendix out.


On the 9th January 2006, I was in labour with my third child at the Women's Hospital in Liverpool. In the delivery suite we had the TV on in the background and were watching some teatime television. On the popular letters game in the show Countdown, one of the words that came up was the word bilobal - having two lobes. My son Zak was born that evening with a double lobed right ear!

Dad's death.

Went to brussels for a few nights at Christmas. somehow managed to get the only eurostar back to london for a few days after snow meant they were cancelled. Managed to get back home to sheffield. Left the house for a days shopping on the 27th waving goodbye to my dad who was recovering from a cold. 5:10 pm on the way back from shopping 2 options: 1) go out for dinner or 2) get takeaway dinner with friend thus arriving home at approx 5:20. Chose to go out for dinner, passing my house on the way. 10 mins past my house, stopped off at shop ont he way for dinner.

Birthday co-incidence

Half-listened to the interview on Radio 4 on Saturday, the co-indence that I have is that my brother, eldest and youngest sisters all have the same birthday, coincidentally this week, 20th January.

Dartmouth lady

My daughter was 3 years old and her father and I took her to the zoo wile holidaying in Darthmouth, we sat facing a lady with a child who wore a helmet, even got half a photo of her on the same small train ride. We never spoke. The next day we drove the whole other side of the country and I went to the park, the same lady came on the park and sat next to me, I told her we shared the train ride at the zoo the previous day, we chatted and she told me she was a nurse, we talked about her child, she had four, and the one with the helmet had epilepsey and special needs, I asked her lots of quest

My Mother and father

My mother died on 23 January 1977<br /> My father died on 23 January 1981

THAT blue sequin top

in 1998 my Husband and our friends travelled to Florida and joined a week - long cruise to the Eastern Caribbean. There were many Americans on board and on the night of the Captains Dinner we were in a queue to have our photograph taken with him before entering the Restaurant for the 2nd sitting. To my horror there was a lady wearing the exact same peacock blue sequinned top that I was wearing. I had purchased mine from a Dress Agency in Northampton the previous week and the label read "exclusive design by ...

Identical Christmas cards

My sister and I sent Christmas cards to our parents last month. Although we live over 100 miles apart, not only did we send identical cards to them from ourselves and our husbands but we also sent them identical cards from our children as well. We frequently buy similar cards for them but have never managed to get ones that are completely the same.

Anna Clark

Back in 2008 my boyfriend was unfortunately ill and admitted to Papworth hospital, near Cambridge. I had been living in Edinburgh previously, where I had attended university, while he lived in Bedford, and went to university in West London. While I was at his hospital bedside one of his old friends from university visited, along with another mutual friend. She looked a little familiar but I thought nothing of it until we began to talk about places we had lived. She was visiting the London area, but was living in Edinburgh at present.