Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

10 years apart!

A friend of mine, Sheila, has the same birth date 10 years earlier than me - her youngest son Graham was born 10 years to the day before my youngest Sarah - Sarah has now moved opposite to Graham and his wife, whom she had no knowledge of, to a town she would never have considered except for a change of job.

Old Friends

We bought an apartment in Tenerife so that I could spend winter in the sun. My husband came out from the Midlands, where we moved some 20 years ago, to visit me but as he had a meeting in London on the Monday, flew back to Gatwick. On the flight, which he would never normally have taken, he met someone he used to play cricket with 30 years ago when we lived in the London area. They asked him if he'd been to see Lyn and Gordon, who live in Tenerife. Lyn was one of my best friends until we moved to the Midlands and we lost touch as she moved too.

Radio Words

I have Radio 4 on most of the day and have noticed that as I read a word at the exact moment it is also spoken on the radio. I have tried to contemplate how to work out the odds of this happening but cannot get anywhere near a solution apart from thinking it must be something to do with the number of words (different words?) spoken on R4 compared to the number I read during a certain period.


Some 30 years ago I attended a housewarming party. At this party, unbeknown to me, was a couple (who I had never met before and, in fact, didn't speak to during the course of the party and don't remember even seeing) who, when we moved to the other side of the country 20 years later, turned out to be our next door neighbours - although it was some years before we established this fact, and only after after we both realised that the people giving the housewarming party were acquaintances (not even close friends) of both of us.

Family Birthdays

I knew somebody in Bristol years ago who had two sons, born a year apart on their father's birthday. She then produced twin girls. 3 birthdays between six people!


I bought a new green Renault 5 in 1974 from my local garage. I asked for the registration number 777 but was told by the garage that the number had been given to another new green Renault 5 the previous day so I had 778. A few months later after driving through France, and whilst waiting at the border with Spain before going through the Pyrenees I noticed that the car two places in front of me was the green Renault 777.

Met on an aeroplane

I was returning from Australia and had to change planes at Singapore. As I was settling into my seat, I saw a couple from my church, about 5 rows in front of me. They were even more surorised than I was; I did at least know they had been in Australia, but they had no idea that I had.

fear of flying

I used to enjoy flying to sunny places for holidays but after my brother being involved in a plane crash and the birth of my children I became very fearful of flying and had reached the point where it was impossible for me to fly. My parents had a house in Majorca and after a miserable winter my husband said that we were going to go for one month that summer and it was up to me to decide to go or not. My only option other than traveling by bus for 2 days alone was a fear of flying course, so I signed up for the one in Bristol Airport.

meeting the neighbours

we were on holiday in florida and we were in a q waiting to get a table in a beach cafe when a couple came up behind us and were told it would ta ke about 30 mins for a table i suggested as we had a table in 5 minutes they could join us which they did.we then discovered that they lived 6 doors away from us on a golf course in an out of the way road,we also had many joint friends. several years later in florida i went shoppin g to a mall 30 miles from our flat.i left my wife and sat on a bench as i was tired and started talking to a lady who wa s staying in the same flats as us,not only th


My sister lives in a little place called Yanchep, in W Australia, at 6 Nautical Court. A friend in Wirksworth, the small town in Derbyshire where I live, had a relative in W Australia. Her address? 7 Nautical Court, Yanchep! It turned out that she and my sister were celebrating their Golden Weddings one day apart, and that both had 6 children. They had recently had a trip back to Wirksworth as a Golden Wedding present from the family, and had extended their stay slightly to go to a niece's wedding. The officiating minister? Me!