Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Music request from Australia

Just after Christmas 2011, I went to Tesco's to re-stock. Came out, packed away my shopping and got in the car to drive the 10 minutes journey home. Switched on the radio - I don't always do this but when I do, as on this occasion it's Classic FM. There was a lovely piece of Mozart playing and I thought that I must listen at the end of it to see which piece it was. To my huge surprise, after the announcer said it was the Jupiter, he went on to say it had been requested for all UK family and friends and former colleagues by my nephew in Adelaide.

Coincidences within coincidences!

In the late 1970s my friend and I went to London from the Wirral for a day out. We were in a shop on Portobello Road when I was approached by a young woman of similar age who had spotted the fish [Ichthus] symbol on the lapel of my coat. She asked me if I was a Christian and I replied that I was. She too was a Christian and had just set up a cafe near the V&A. Our conversation revealed that she had the same name (Amanda) and it transpired that she had lived as a baby in the same road (and village, obviously) as I lived.

Venezuelan Nephew

In 1982, as a student, I was travelling from Venice to Athens on a train through Yugoslavia. The journey took 40 hours so all the young people shared their food and got to know each other. One Venezuelan guy was very popular because he had a guitar. I told him I was from Leeds, not expecting him to have heard of it, but he shot back, "Do you know Gabby Jones? She's my aunt." Out of three-quarters of a million people, I did! Not only that, I had to remind him what his uncle was called. The funny thing about the coincidence was how it struck the two of us so differently.

Anna Clark

Back in 2008 my boyfriend was unfortunately ill and admitted to Papworth hospital, near Cambridge. I had been living in Edinburgh previously, where I had attended university, while he lived in Bedford, and went to university in West London. While I was at his hospital bedside one of his old friends from university visited, along with another mutual friend. She looked a little familiar but I thought nothing of it until we began to talk about places we had lived. She was visiting the London area, but was living in Edinburgh at present.

Holiday with a friend :)

Coincidences happen to me all the time. For example my dad gave me a dvd to watch which I had never heard of but I didn't watch and sent it back to his film rental place, the next day when I went to the gym it was on the screen, it was being shown on tv. But probably the most strange coincidence is a couple of years ago, I booked a holiday to go to Canada with my then partner who lived near London. I live up North so agreed to fly from Gatwick.

Birthday coincidence

My birthday is 18 October . My husband ' s is 8 january. My previous partner shares the same birthday as him. My husband's previous girlfriend shares the same birthday as me. I have never come across this coincidence before or since.


I was walking from town to the place where I had parked, and caught the glint of something on the ground. It turned out to be a lovely engagement ring set with diamonds and a sapphire, quite distinctive. I decided that I would take it to the police station, and set off again to collect my car. On the way I met the mother of my brother-in-law's fiancee, and showed her the ring. She was ecstatic as it turned out that this was her daughter's engagement ring, which she had lost earlier in the day and had been looking all over for.


I had gone into town shopping some years ago. Whilst walking past a bank of about 6 telephone boxes, one of them started to ring, being the nosie so and so I am, I picked it up. Now remember im in the middle of town along with hundreds of other people, it was my brother on the other end of the phone. He had dialed the wrong number and got the phone box that I answered!!!!


In 1993 I arrived in a hostel in Sydney Australia and within an hour met a Dutch guy called Kees Van Gelderen . We spent 5 days having a laugh in Sydney before he went to Canberra to see long lost relatives . I spent the next three weeks in Melbourne then Adelaide and then got on the bus I'd selected to take me up to Coober Pedy on route to Alice Springs . I sat down in my allocated seat 36a . Kees got on within minutes and sat in his allocated seat ;36b . Late on the same trip as I was travelling down the East coast I met a girl from the U.K.


Having married 1st time to a woman born on 26/july/1943 divorced and remarried a 2nd time to a woman born on the same date 26/july/1943. Mother died and the house was sold to a couple by the name John and Linda Robertson, John being my name, Linda being my wife's name and Robertson being my mother's nee name!