Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Meeting on a train.

It is midwinter in 1976 - 77, it is snowing so hard that the train has ground to a halt. We are four in the carriage. Me and Bill a pleasant faced blonde woman and a foreign looking man. They smile but little is said. Half an hour later, boredom having set in we are chatting. I tell the man I lived in Greece for a couple of years.<br /> “Where?” he asks.<br /> “Athens.”<br /> “When were you there?’<br /> “62 - 64.”<br /> “I lived there then, where did you live?”<br /> “Kolonaki.”<br /> “Me to.

Weird in Bergen

My Mother, who lived in Formby, Merseyside died approximately 3 years ago but had some very good friends and Neighbours, Sheila and Charlie. They would keep an eye on her and make sure she was OK. After Mum died we were up from our home in Bedfordshire to sort out the sale of the house and had a good friendship with Sheila and Charlie. Once the house was sold we had a farewell meal with Sheila and Charlie and some of the other neighbours.

Hard to believe and others

Reading the article in the News paper Mail on Sunday about this website and having had many strange coincidences happen to me over the years I decided to go online to share one of them with you. I started to look for a pair of scissors to cut out the part of the article in the paper with the web site address on it but could not find them or a pen and paper to note it down so I started to rip that part of the page out.

good morning

same as

Mrs. Deike Begg

I have written a book: Synchronicity -- The Promise of Coincidence, also known as meaningful coincidences (an acausal principle), first so coined by C.G Jung in 1929. You will find many story therein. There are already ample books on the subject. Bill Bryson is a good source. D. Begg

Mr Martin Riley

I had dropped off my daughter at Heathrow and had a few hours to kill before collecting my mother at the same airport Rather than spend the time at the airport as it was a bright summer morning I drove to WIndsor parked the car and went for a walk along the river.

Missed reunion

In June 1971 I went on holiday with my sister, her husband and their 2 children. We travelled from Manchester to Torquay - quite a long journey at the time. I was nearly 13, my sister, a lot older, was 30. Her young son, then one year old was a baby who cried a lot. He was getting better but she kept him in a good routine and so every day left the beach just after lunch and returned to the guest house.


On the subject of coincidences- My father worked in a garage in Ware in Hertfordshire. In the 1950’s a friend of his decided to sell his dry cleaning business and emigrate to Vancouver in order to start a real estate business. He decided to take his TR2 sports car to Canada. He then asked my father to install a heater in the car. He said to his friend’ ”So that you do not lose my address and name I will scratch it on the heater body( which was under the hood).” The friend then traveled across Canada and stopped for fuel at a small garage , approximately halfway into his journey.

Surprise meeting

Sept. 2011. Husband's birthday. On holiday, sitting one morning in tiny cove on Italian Lake Lecco. Spied by young architect nephew from Melbourne Australia on self-guided tour of European buildings. Neither knew of the other's plans. Joined us for celebration dinner!

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