Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

birthday coincidence

my Sister 01 01 1965 her youngest son 01 01 2004 my birthday 29 Dec think our Mother preferred Hospital food to cooking a Christmas Meal

Sisters choose same recipe

My sister who lives in Florida sent me a cook book for Christmas 2011, called 660 Curries. It was a book she already had herself. I emailed her after Christmas to tell her which curry I had made for my first recipe from the book and she called me immediately to say that the recipe I had chosen to make for my first curry was the same recipe she had chosen to make for her first one. It was called Vibrant Chicken in a Spicy Tomato Sauce. For us both to choose the same recipe out of 660 was mind blowing.

Isolated place visit, then on TV

On Friday 13.1.12 with 6 other mountain bikers I did a route around the Calder Valley. After lunch in Todmorden we climbed north towards Keelham Heights stopping for a rest at SD937261, a crossroads for several routes. As far as I know I'd never been there before and on this junction is a stone carving of a head 9 or 10 feet high which I photographed. On Sunday 15. 1. 12 I switched on the TV at just after 5pm, rare in my case, I usually put it on much later but I wanted to watch the end of a recording I had made.

Tim Wilbraham

Some years ago I used to pick up/drop off, on my drive to work, two colleagues. One evening Sue was a little late coming to my car. Val and I chatted for a few minutes, and when Sue eventually arrived she apologised saying that she was late as it was Phil's birthday that day (a person working in her department).

A message from the grave?

After my mother died I was sorting through her papers and came across the rough copy of an amusing poem that she had written and sent to me about five years previously. One of the lines said that she loved me, not a statement that she often made. Where I'd put the copy she'd sent to me I'd no idea. I returned home to Turkey and took the poem with me. A few days later I went upstairs thinking about mum and picked up the poem and sat down and re read it. A little later I went downstairs and into the living room where I saw a piece of paper on the floor.

Travel coincidence

About 15 years ago my brother was travelling in Australia. About once a fortnight he would phone my mum to let her know he was ok and then afterwards he would go into an internet cafe to email his 4 sisters. My mum is a dressmaker and had one of her customers in her workroom. They started to talk about their children and mum talked about my brother and the phonecalls. The customer got upset as her daughter was also in Australia but rarely contacted home. Just then the phone rang and it was my brother with his regular call. Mum told him about the customer in her workroom.

"Get off my train"

A few years ago I visted New York for the first time with friends. We went on the subway to Grand Central Station and commented it was like a scene from the film "Ghost" when PAtrick Swayze meets a slightly mad ghost who berates people to "get off my train". We arrived at out destination and left the subway. Guess who was walking towards us - the actor who played the mad ghost - I still don't know his name to this day!! Later that evening we went to a speakeasy bar in Greenwich Village and were discussing how bizarre this event had been.

Chance meeting

Some years ago my husband and I were driving along one evening in a quiet Hampshire coastal retirement area near our home when we spotted an elderly woman in slippers looking lost and confused in the road. We pulled abruptly to a halt to see if we could help - at the same time as a man driving in the opposite direction did the same. Having established that the old lady was indeed very confused we phoned the police for help. Whilst waiting for them to arrive my husband (originally from Plymouth in Devon) commented on the other man's Devonshire accent .

Birthday coincidence.

My sister had a baby on my birthday, which happened to be a Friday that year. He was born at about 2:30pm, and we were amazed when Mum told us that I, too, had been born at 2:30 on a Friday afternoon.

The other side of the world

Many years ago I backpacked around the world. Before I left I would regularly discuss some my plans, as much as they were, with friends including a girl who told me her boss was interested in doing the same and would I mind if she shared some tips with him. I duly agreed and for a while, through her, we swapped a few ideas, but never met him before I left. Some five months later I'm staying in an out-of-the-way hostel on the edge of Sydney, Australia when another backpacker arrives.