Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

teacher in jungle

In 1989 or 1990 I was serving as a staff sergeant with the Queens Gurkha Signal in Hong Kong. I was training a section of Gurkhas jungle warfare skills and i it was coming up to 4pm. 4pm is late in the jungle and we were tactically setting up up our end of day observation base. We heard the noise of a group of people talking. Through my night sights I could tell they where tourists dressed in t shirts and shorts on the path we were observing. I called out to them. All British all elderly and all lost An elderly lady heard my Scouse accent and asked where I was from.

old friend

I had lost touch with a friend I trained with in '69, She was in the Channel islands I was in Hampshire. (we trained in London) Seven years later I got on a crowded train at Winchester with my small daughter, there were not a lot of seats & I searched for someone who looked as if they wouldn't mind a small child next to them-I saw a lady who I thought looked kind & sat next to her. It was my lost friend of seven years earlier, we have stayed in touch ever since. Meg

reading and listening to same word

I often listen to BBC radio while reading a newspaper. Almost inevitably I find myself reading a word ('education', 'political', 'gender'....etc.) and hearing the same word on the radio - at the same time! I could be reading in French and/or listening in English, and the same thing happens - the word examples I give here are of course the same in both languages, but do not always mean the same thing.

Mother and Daughter

being born on my mother's birthday is coincidence enough but, after she had died, my sister and I decided to take her ashes from London to Northumberland to be interred with her parents, pretty sure this is what she would have wanted, but one never knows. On arrival in the small town on the way to cemetary, we called into an ASDA store and I noticed the name of the lady paying in front of me was the same as my mother's first husband - BUGLASS (an unusual name) - whom my mother had married at the outset of WWII and divorced at the end, never to hear from him.

Put that sausage down!

Years ago, I texted my friend Kath with the silliest thing I could think of, which was 'Put that sausage down! You don't know where it's been!' I forgot about it until I saw her again a few weeks later. The text had arrived when Kath was walking down the main street eating a sausage bap! She was convinced that I had been watching her from a shop window or something and I could never persuade her otherwise.

Singapore connection

We were always told as children by our mother that her grandfather had spent some time in India. When I started researching the family tree a few years ago I asked my aunt (my mother's sister) for information, and among other things she told me that her grandfather's first wife had died in India. I had been trying off and on to find out more, particularly when the IGI started putting Indian records on the internet, to no avail. I visited my aunt again in the autumn of 2011 and she showed me a photograph of the company my great grandfather had part-owned.

Mr.Chris Smee

My Daughter Claire gave birth to her first child,our first granchild on Wednesday January 11th,2012. She had been due on the 6th. Little Winnie was born born weighing 7 pounds 2 ounces at 5.16pm at the QEQM Hospital Margate Kent. My wife Julie gave birth to Claire on 11th of June 1986.She had also been due on the 6th. Claire and Julie were both in labour for the same time and Julie gave birth to Claire at 4.15pm Taking BST in account I think I'm right in concluding this would be the same the same Hospital.

oh, no not again!

My sister and I are 9 years apart, myself being the younger. When we both lived at home in the 70's, we would both catch separate buses into Worcester city and return at different times. Then getting ready for an evening out we would both emerge from our bedrooms wearing identical outfits.

football results

In september1950 i was coming to the end of a long spell in Shotley Bridge hospital in county Durham.A male charge nurse called Barlow organised a sweepstake in the hospital based on the team that scored the most goals in the 4 english leagues.The entry fee was one shilling.When he approached me I said that I would subscribe provided I did not draw Aston Villa.I have no idea why I said that.When the draw was made, I drew Aston Villa.Miraculously a few days later on the first saturday of the season I won the pool as they scored 6,7 or 8 goals-I forget.Anyhow as an impoverished student I was ri


My daughter has six step-siblings due to my first partner having two children from a previous marriage and my present husband having four, Two of these siblings are girls and the coincidence is that whilst there is at least twenty years difference in their ages (so popular name trend is discounted), all three girls have married boys named Christopher but the biggest coincidence is that the two older girls married a Chris Thomas (not the same one). I, for several years worked with a Chris Thomas and either this is the most common name in England or this is a huge coincidence?