Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Meetings at Mainz and Manchester

On the platform at Mainz station in Germany I had a brief chat with a stranger; a week later I was registered at Manchester University, and there he was registering next to me.

Pope Bergoglio's name

Just before the election of the last Pope, my husband asked me information about how the Popes choose their names. I answered him: "A Pope can choose the name he wants, for exemple Francesco". Just a few minutes later the name of the new Pope was announced : "Francesco".

TV coincidence.

Today (24.02.2015) I took and old TV set to my local recycling plant just outside a town called Gravesend. The set itself was an Hitachi all transistor colour set from around 1984. A typical 80's model with push buttons and having a cathode ray tube was quite heavy.

Parents door key works in my door

Reading coincidence 7954, I recalled the fact I discover my parents front door key works in my front door (but not the other way around). I discovered this by accident after they have purchased replacement windows and front door, but not yet had them fitted.


I was playing a new game of Words with Friends. I was given the usual random 7 letters and my name came together in order, KAREN. Unless the game is programmed to do that and I don't think it is, I found those odds of that happening pretty remote. I do have a screen shot somewhere. I have another to share. I was listening to oldies music one morning on a run when for the first time in 35 years I understood the lyrics to this one verse in the chorus of this song.

coincidence or meaning

Hi, four year ago on the 12th of july my brother stanley died . When we were sorting out the funeral and going through his belongings with his wife we found my mothers death certificate and realised she also died on the 12th of july. We thought there was some meaning and consoled ourselves with that. About a week or so later myself and my natural sister were out at the graveyard where my aunties, uncles and grandparents are buried. All of a sudden while looking at my grandmothers gravestone and noticed the date which was also the 12th of july.


This year, my birthday and those of my partner and sons are all on the same day of the week, even though the dates are spread throughout the year.

Vandal with same name as my daughter

My daughter is called Effie. Our garage is located in a lane some way away from our house in a long line of garages. The garage door was recently defaced with graffiti, and was the only garage door in the lane that this happened to. The vandal's tag was Effy. The bairn can hardly hold a crayon, I am pretty sure she is not the culprit.

All the women in my life...

My mother, my ex-wife and my wife all share a birthday - May 30 (different years of course). How spooky is that?

Mother Mary Tatoo

I am 53 years old & recently got Two Tattoos' . Maria ( After my wife ) & Mia ( After my Grand Daughter ). I am a great believer in the Mother Mary and have been researching images of her , for my next and final tattoo. I eventually found the image that i wanted and decided to ask friends that have had Tattoos , to recommend me a very good Tattoo artist . Three artists were recommend to me and i was considering visiting them in due course .