Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Third time lucky

My first boyfriend had a grandmother that lived in Minehead, Somerset, my second boyfriend's father had served on HMS Ark Royal, my third boyfriend, who later became my husband had a grandmother who lived in Minehead, Somerset and his father had served on HMS Ark Royal. I always felt that i was working my way to the right man and no i didn't live in Somerset i lived in Staffordshire.

Meeting strangers twice in different places

On one family holidy in the Lake District in the erly 80's we met a family on Helvelyn who we had previously met that summer in France. We had never met them before or since. On the same trip we met, on Langdale Pikes, the person who had just interviewed my mum for a job back at home over 100 miles away (she didn't know thatn, but she'd got the job).

Mark Thomas - close to the speed of light

Yesterday (25/9/13) I watched Brian Cox in Science Britannica,online he said he had made a mistake during his piece on the LHC.It turned out that he had missed 4 nines from the decimal percentage of how much the particles at the LHC were accelerated of the speed of light. Whilst the missing 4 nines represent small fractions,the speed of light is so large that the missing digits represent quite a large missing chunk.

Holiday meeting

When I was 11 we went on holiday to Majorca and I made friends with a girl who was staying at our hotel for the same week(at half term). We were from different parts of the UK and didn't keep in touch. The next year we went on holiday to Yugoslavia (during a different week in the summer) and the girl and her family were staying in our hotel again!


In 1973 my wife and I first worked together for the Arts Council in London. Just before I was about to leave my job and travel to Australia to spend time with my parents who had gone there to live a few years before, my wife and I became romantically involved. Suddenly being in love I questioned whether I should go to Australia. I wrote to my parents explaining my dilemma. Although not having worked before soon after arriving in Australia to live my mother had got a job working in a small office. She had been there for 2/3 years. In the office were a couple of other women.

A life full of

My birthday is January 27th making me Aquarius in zodiac sign. My address is 27 Waterman i.e. auf deutsch Wasserman = Aquarius. I have a Grand cross in my natal chart, and after many years of association with the church of Saint John the Baptist i.e. a Waterman/Aquarius figure, I discovered and interpreted a monument there with four figurines which correspond in their esoteric symbolism to the Fixed Cross of astrology. After the shock of a immersion heater exploding i sat down to read 'David Copperfield' the chapter was entitled 'I take part in an explosion'.

Found my family boat!

When I was growing up in Los Angeles, my family had a sailboat named the "Sweet Pea". It was a Morgan 27'. For a variety of reasons, my father sold it when I was ~12 (in 1980) to someone and it disappeared from our life. 5 years ago, or 27 years later, I was on vacation in Seattle and took my family to visit the Chittendon Locks (I love feats of engineering!) that connect Lake Union with Puget Sound. As I was excitedly explaining to my 3 young children how a lock works, I pointed in the distance to a line of boats that were heading towards the lock to exit to the Sound.

Weird Persian Spring

In the spring of 1970 I was working on a University of Chicago archaeological dig in Khuzestan (south west Iran). The dig lasted longer than our visas, so we went to an officer in Dezful to extend them. The official was very friendly: "Ah, you are American. I know an American." Think "I may just have to apologise for not knowing his friend. There are rather a lot of Americans." He "Yes, he is a really nice man. He teaches chemistry at the local university.


Reading a magazine and the story was about a woman who had an accsident. Her image changed after the accident. My thoughts " based on image for a split second gross" id never walk round like that... One week later i had a similar Accident. And have the same injury. Call it bad luck.

Inexplicable double-coincidence

As a teenager in NJ in 1973, I knew Pat as an adult friend of my parents and frequent home dinner guest. I grew up, off to college, & job in Seattle. In 1983, job sent me to Fort Worth, TX to work at customer site for 2 weeks. That was my only ever customer site visit. My contact at customer site in TX was Bob. Discovered Bob was married to ... Pat, who had divorced & moved. Hadn't thought of Pat in 10 years, assumed she was still in NJ, and hadn't thought of her again after 1983. That's a basic enough coincidence and worthy on its own of your blog here.