Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Divine intervention?

A young English naval officer based in Oslo, Norway went on holiday to Trondheim, up the coast. Being a keen organist he visited Trondheim Cathedral and asked to see the organ console there. Arriving in the organ loft he found a young English lady organist already there; they got on so well that they were subsequently married. Two years later, at short notice he was asked to stand in as godfather at the baptism of the son of another expat friend in Oslo. In England the baby's family lived just round the corner from the lady organist.

Brother from another father

My brother arrived at university to find on the next staircase a fellow student whose father had *exactly* the same, and otherwise unique, name as our father (forename, middle name, surname). Not sure how the college authorities coped with this!

stars foretell

Simultaneousl coincidental reading of news paper astrological reading with a nescently developing friendship revealed that both shared the same Zodiac sign. Also it predicted meeting a platonic friend and establishing a relationship for next two to three months. It characterised the relationship as one of the most important in life. This was in the year 1971. It reflected the mood and was true for duration. Culminationof the relationship in separation was due to the normal wordly factors.Yet there remained lingering feelings and some some longings for keeping the bonding more cemented.

German teachers that knew each other

I went to a German school in Mexico. But during my schooling, i took part in a year-long student exchange programme when i went to Germany. Over there i was taught art by this lady teacher. On my final day at school, she asked if she would be seeing me in her class, the following year. Whereupon i explained to her that it was my time to go back to Mexico. When she heard "Mexico" her ears pricked up and she said that a former boyfriend of hers had flown out years ago to become a German teacher there. Lo-and-behold he was a German teacher of mine!

The girl I like

I had not seen the girl I liked for months. Then, I bumped into her by coincidence for three days in a row. On the first day, I was walking to university and passed her while she walking with friends on a busy road. On the second day, I passed her again on a small street while walking back home. She was with a friend again. On the third day, I was going for a walk, and I passed by her swimming with friends. I tried my best to avoid her since she might have thought I was doing it on purpose.

Third time lucky

My first boyfriend had a grandmother that lived in Minehead, Somerset, my second boyfriend's father had served on HMS Ark Royal, my third boyfriend, who later became my husband had a grandmother who lived in Minehead, Somerset and his father had served on HMS Ark Royal. I always felt that i was working my way to the right man and no i didn't live in Somerset i lived in Staffordshire.

Meeting strangers twice in different places

On one family holidy in the Lake District in the erly 80's we met a family on Helvelyn who we had previously met that summer in France. We had never met them before or since. On the same trip we met, on Langdale Pikes, the person who had just interviewed my mum for a job back at home over 100 miles away (she didn't know thatn, but she'd got the job).

Mark Thomas - close to the speed of light

Yesterday (25/9/13) I watched Brian Cox in Science Britannica,online he said he had made a mistake during his piece on the LHC.It turned out that he had missed 4 nines from the decimal percentage of how much the particles at the LHC were accelerated of the speed of light. Whilst the missing 4 nines represent small fractions,the speed of light is so large that the missing digits represent quite a large missing chunk.

Holiday meeting

When I was 11 we went on holiday to Majorca and I made friends with a girl who was staying at our hotel for the same week(at half term). We were from different parts of the UK and didn't keep in touch. The next year we went on holiday to Yugoslavia (during a different week in the summer) and the girl and her family were staying in our hotel again!


In 1973 my wife and I first worked together for the Arts Council in London. Just before I was about to leave my job and travel to Australia to spend time with my parents who had gone there to live a few years before, my wife and I became romantically involved. Suddenly being in love I questioned whether I should go to Australia. I wrote to my parents explaining my dilemma. Although not having worked before soon after arriving in Australia to live my mother had got a job working in a small office. She had been there for 2/3 years. In the office were a couple of other women.