Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

New neighbour, shared holiday home

As a girl, at the age of 10, I moved with my brother to live with adoptive parents 50kms away from where we spent our early childhood. One day during our first week living in the new family, we went out to play in the garden and found that the neighbour had children of similar ages. When we got talking about where we had been on our recent summer vacations, we realised that we been going on holidays every summer to the very same camping site as our new neighbours at the seaside, just during different weeks and were able to compare stories and photos together.

Strange coincidence

I was working in San Antonio, Texas for one day only in 1978,I decided to buy a new rucksack and went into town,walking along the street opposite the Alamo i went into the first shop I saw selling bags. i asked the lady serving about rucksacks,on hearing my English accent asked what I was doing in town. I replied that I was working with a group playing at the city stadium that night,she said her son is in the music industry as well,I asked her his name and she replied Alex Sedkin,I knew him and worked for the same record label in London a couple of years before,to add to this she had only

died 16th August

My grandfather on my fathers side died on 16th August 1917. My grandfathers son, my uncle died on 16th August 1927. My grandfather on my mothers side died on 16th August 1957 and my mother died on 16th August 1987. All on the same date and all in years which ended with a 7. ...

Zsuzsa Bella

Hi, I'm British with a Hungarian name (Zsuzsa Bella) as I have a Hungarian father. My last name is very rear even in Hungary and we only know of one other family there with the name. Yesterday I was googling my name whilst bored... and came across another Zsuzsa Bella in not only the UK but in Bristol where I am working! I contacted her and we re now friends on Facebook and we are trying to see if we are related now. Thanks

Of all the hotels in all the world.

Between 2000 and 2001 I worked for a company who provided staff accommodation in an old hotel just off the sea front in Cromer. When I visited Cromer in 2013 with my wife, she mentioned that when she was little she had come to Cromer on holiday three times and stayed at the same hotel each time. When she showed me the building it was, of course, the same building.

old boyfriend

In Mexico I used to date a boy (we were in diferent careers), we broke up, and 3 years later I went to Barcelona to study; one day I went out for a walk (I miss the bus so I decide to walk) and suddenly I saw him, we couldnt believe it! He told me that he was studying in Madrid and that weekend he went into a trip to Barcelona. It was nice to find him.

Bumped into Neighbour other side of world

Partner grew up in Kempsey NSW Australia. Moved away in 1996. In 1998 while<br /> working in Cambridge England, we went on day trip<br /> to Greenwich. Standing on platform when light rail<br /> train rolled in, he yelled "that's my neighbour".<br /> Ran down platform, it was the family who lived next<br /> door to his parents in Australia. Another day, 5 minutes later,<br /> and if they hadn't been sitting in the front of the driverless<br /> train we never would have seen them.

the directory enquiries affair

1999. Before cheap mobile 'phones, text messaging, the internet, and when people actually wrote letters to each other. I used to work in marketing for a hotel company with a young lady called Gillian. She was the funniest and loveliest person in a very dull office.

Sheridans working for the Chinese state media

My family name is Sheridan and I grew up in Salford and Manchester, spent a year in Brighton, also spent time living in London, but I'd never met another Sheridan who wasn't an immediate relative (grandparents, parents, sisters), until at the age of 31 I went to Beijing. I landed a job working for the Chinese state media, working as a journalist for China Central Television, and I soon met another Sheridan, a journalist called Trudi who worked for China Radio International, and her brother Nelson, who worked for the news agency Xinhua.

6000 miles from home

my late father went to Los Angeles in the late 1960s whilst he was there he went to a small town a hundred miles from Los Angeles trying to sell advertising,on the first call he made his next door neighbour from Blackpool was also in they're trying to sell to same business neither knew the other was going to America