Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

lost cousin moves in next door

my mother comes from a large family and only kept in contact with a couple of her siblings. when i was growing up i knew one of her sisters lived in Benalla (a town 40 mins drive from the town I grew up in) but I had never met her or her family. I also knew the names of her 5 children but that was all and I never gave them or any of my other estranged relatives a thought over the years. i left home at 17 and moved to melbourne where i lived for 10 yrs and then i moved to Benalla (a town of 8000 people )having by then completely forgotten about the fact that i had relatives living there.

old friend

The other day I was having a conversation with my brother about a family friend. Not knowing a lot about this person's past (this person is very private) I started looking up this person via Google. I came across someone with the exact same name and looked identical to the person I was looking up. The person I found was well lets just say not someone you would want anyone to know you are associated with.

Donnie Darko

I have trouble getting up in the morning, standard for most people. I can set multiple alarms on my iPhone and none of them will even stir my sleep. I became frustrated that I couldn't find something to wake me, I tried several things around the house that I could set an alarm to wake me. Eventually I came to an old Quarts clock that has sat on a mantle piece for as long as I can remember. It also hasn't worked for all that time, but that wasn't due to the actual clock, but because of a missing back panel that held a single AAA battery into place.

answered before I rang

This is partly a response to "Who phone who?" My name is Peter. The (true) story about the "chance discovery of parallel family" is mine. That struck me as interesting because you can prove the whole thing and loosely calculate the probabilities. As a family we have experienced lots of odd coincidences, mainly unlikely meetings.

Who phone who?

I picked up my phone to call my daughter and heard someone on the line, I said Hello. Is that you mum? the voice replied. Some how we'd both picked up our phones at the same time but neither of us had time to dial each others phone numbers. How can this possibly happen?

chance discovery of parallel family

My daughter at university asked me (October 2014) to check some details about the post-graduate course she is on. A related Google search took me straight to a student society relating uniquely to that course, and I noticed that a member of the student committee (ie someone else currently on the course) had the same surname, which is not common. I looked up her details using free online birth-marriage-death indexes and found that she was born in the same medium-sized town as my daughter, some 100 miles away from the university.

Other halves

my sister got married to a guy with 1 brother. I at the time was dating a guy I later married who also has 1 brother. Both my sister's husband and mine's father and brother have the same names.

Lotto Numbers

In 1996 my husband and I chose six Lotto Numbers 13 15 20 26 27 28 13 my daughters age 15 my sons age 20 my daughters birthday 26 my husbands birthday 27 my birthday 28 my sons birthday Since then we have had two more sons, a granddaughter and a grandson all born on 'Lotto Number' dates! 28 son 13 son 20 granddaughter & grandson None of them anywhere near their due dates either! Varying from six weeks early to two weeks late!

The postcard

In 1976 while working in Pakistan, I met a girl called Gilly S. who was the daughter of a collegue of mine. Two years later, after I had I left Pakistan and the Company, while visiting a friend in Italy, I saw that he was using as a bookmark a postcard addressed to the same girl. He had never been near Pakistan; had no idea who the girl was; or how the postcard had ended up in his book.

Shark Attack

No - this is not one of those 'saved at sea from a shark' I survived stories.