Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Ex- spouses dying in different states on the exact day

My husband had been estranged from his father for 17 yrs. Every year, I would check secretly to see if he was still around.This last saturday, I found on the computer that he had passed on may 15, 2013, in CA. My husband was upset and remorseful and mad. He had spent summers with his dad's then new wife and his dad when he was a teen. They divorced at some point. He asked me to try to find the ex-wife so he could see if she knew what had happened. Only to find that she died on the exact same day and year in MT. They were ten yrs apart and both died of heart attacks.

cousins hiking in Wyoming

My brother Jay and wife are in their 60's and vacationing in Alaska earlier this month and then headed south into western US for hiking....There was a family reunion in NY 7/4th weekend with my cousins....including cousin Marti and her family.......They headed west after that weekend....My brother Jay and my cousin Marti had no idea they were both headed to western US.....A couple of days ago Jay and Laura were walking down a trail in Wyoming and said to a young man "go Steelers" since he had a Steelers shirt on....That family of 5 was going up the mountain trail....As they pass

An immediate answer.

I was making coffee this afternoon when I decided to open and vote the mail-in ballot that's been laying on the counter about 10 days. I marked my choices but when I tried to put the ballot into the envelope, it was sealed. I wondered aloud what I was supposed do so my ballot wouldn't be disqualified or mailed back. Then I heard the television report a news bit that a different glue had been used on the mail in ballots and that it was ok to open the envelope, insert the ballot and tape the envelope.

Two coincidences while holidaying in Hawaii

While on our way from New Zealand to Flagstaff Arizona to attend the 9th International Conference On Teaching Statistics (ICOTS9), my wife and I had several days' holiday in Hawaii staying at the quiet end of Waikiki Beach near the Honolulu Aquarium. While swimming on the beach we got talking to another tourist who told us that he lived in Winslow Arizona, just 60 miles away from Flagstaff, and that his surname was Winslow.

777 7. 7.

In reference to "Birthday plain crash" ( posted 18. July ) I would like to mention that last year´s "San Francisco Boeing 777 Crash" occurr ed on the 7th of 7th .

My one and single pen friend

I have had only ONE pen friend in my life. (By "pen friend" I define a single partner in a continuous communication whom I have never met personally. ) I was reading "coincidence stories" in a web portal and HER story had the strongest appeal to me... We exchanged several emails and lots of coincidences occurred, some of them I would qualify "extraordinary"..., but it is only recently that I caught sight of her birthday on her Facebook: exactly the same es mine.

Impossible simultaneous occurrence

My friend was telling me how well she can braid hair on facebook messenger, so I asked her if she would braid mine and she said she'd do them anyway I want. We stopped talking, then about 45 minutes pass and we both apparently searched for pictures of intricate braids on google and sent each other the exact same picture simultaneously.

? odd

My Cousin was born ( Natural Birth ) hours before my Grandfather died ( old age / natural causes ) 1977. A year later on the same date, August 26th my Cousins Sister was born, also by natural delivery. They lived at the time in ( my Cousin still lives in ) my Grandfathers house.

Holiday friends and friends of friends of friends

Whilst on a weekend break in Berlin with friends I meet a couple from Manchester, we became good friends and discovered we would both be in Ibiza at the same time later that year, so we exchange numbers and said we would meet up in Ibiza. Two months later off I went to Ibiza. On the first day I met a girl from Newcastle and we went everywhere together (I miss her). On the third night, I told my new Geordie friend I'd arranged to meet the Manchester couple in a club and she said she would come with me.

Birthday Plane Crash

The Malaysian Airlines MH17 (remember the 17 there) that crashed on 17 July 2014 first flew on 17 July 1997. I was born on 17 July 1997 so of course, it crashed on my birthday and was technically the same age as me, 17 years old. Take the date 17/07/97, way too many 7's, and the plane that crashed was a Boeing 777. Massive and unsettling coincidences, especially for an aerophobe. RIP to the 298 people who died yesterday and condolences to their families