Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Bizzare New Friendship

My friend Katherine and I have started a friendship through college and know each other about two years now. Over the Last couple of months we've grown particularly close after she came to visit and stay with me when I lived in America during the summer. We got on so well I invited her to my home town in Ireland to meet my family, friends and show her around. She stayed the night and we had a great time and just as she was leaving the next day, she was walking out the front door but had to return inside because a long brown hair was caught in her left eye.

McDonald's convo.

My friend and i were eating at McDonald's and i brought up the weatger. I said "the weather is..." and at the same exact time, we both said "pristine. " It was crazy

Comes in 3s

Reading 'the girl I like' and '3rd time lucky' reminded me what happened today - our chairman of our resident's committee resigned...why is this a coincidence? One of the people who comes to our meetings is a rep of the housing association - she has only recently started in that position. She remarked today that she must be jinxed as the previous two meetings she has been two - the chair person also resigned.

Titanic coincidence

Yesterday (7/10/13) I was reading the newspaper online which had an article on Saturn's moon TITAN. In the evening I stayed up late and watched QI with Stephen Fry who happened to have Brian Cox on the show - the subject of TITAN,the moon of Saturn cropped up. Today - whilst talking on Facebook,trying to convince someone that coincidences are not how God speaks to people,I happened to call one of my webpages into play which is from FOCUS magazine - this referred to the mystery of the ship TITAN which made me recall that I had yet another page on the same ship.

The Cowboy Hat

One day, after eating in a Chinese restaurant, I stepped outside to smoke a cigarette while my wife and kids stayed inside to pay the bill. While I was outside, I was looking at myself in the reflection of the window and thinking that maybe I should wear a cowboy hat the next time my band played. I never wear a hat when I play, but I was thinking it would be fun to make a change and wear a cowboy hat considering that my next show is in Arizona and it, being the West, would be appropriate. A few minutes later, my kids walked out of the restaurant and one of them handed me a fortune cookie.

Divine intervention?

A young English naval officer based in Oslo, Norway went on holiday to Trondheim, up the coast. Being a keen organist he visited Trondheim Cathedral and asked to see the organ console there. Arriving in the organ loft he found a young English lady organist already there; they got on so well that they were subsequently married. Two years later, at short notice he was asked to stand in as godfather at the baptism of the son of another expat friend in Oslo. In England the baby's family lived just round the corner from the lady organist.

Brother from another father

My brother arrived at university to find on the next staircase a fellow student whose father had *exactly* the same, and otherwise unique, name as our father (forename, middle name, surname). Not sure how the college authorities coped with this!

stars foretell

Simultaneousl coincidental reading of news paper astrological reading with a nescently developing friendship revealed that both shared the same Zodiac sign. Also it predicted meeting a platonic friend and establishing a relationship for next two to three months. It characterised the relationship as one of the most important in life. This was in the year 1971. It reflected the mood and was true for duration. Culminationof the relationship in separation was due to the normal wordly factors.Yet there remained lingering feelings and some some longings for keeping the bonding more cemented.

German teachers that knew each other

I went to a German school in Mexico. But during my schooling, i took part in a year-long student exchange programme when i went to Germany. Over there i was taught art by this lady teacher. On my final day at school, she asked if she would be seeing me in her class, the following year. Whereupon i explained to her that it was my time to go back to Mexico. When she heard "Mexico" her ears pricked up and she said that a former boyfriend of hers had flown out years ago to become a German teacher there. Lo-and-behold he was a German teacher of mine!

The girl I like

I had not seen the girl I liked for months. Then, I bumped into her by coincidence for three days in a row. On the first day, I was walking to university and passed her while she walking with friends on a busy road. On the second day, I passed her again on a small street while walking back home. She was with a friend again. On the third day, I was going for a walk, and I passed by her swimming with friends. I tried my best to avoid her since she might have thought I was doing it on purpose.