Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

same name, same street

Discovered today that someone with the same name as me lives at an adjacent house number in same street

same birthday, same hospital room

I met and became friends with a girl in my 4th grade class- we were both born at the same hospital on July 17, 1970 and our mothers had shared a room post-delivery where they'd chatted during their short stay but hadn't kept in touch. I also met a woman through work that was born on the 17th of July and last year I befriended a woman online that happened to be born on July 17th too.

A long way and a long time 'til now

Last summer a friend I have known for 33 years got married. She now lives near Leeds. My wife and son and I drove the 4 hour journey up there and stayed in a cheap hotel for two nights. We booked in and had a meal, and then went to the bar for a drink. They were tired and went to bed but I stayed for a while longer. I went outside for a smoke.

Birthday coincidence.

My Birthday is on the 14th July. I will be 49 this year. The family dog is born on the same day and will be seven human years or equalling dog years will be 49 years. My daughters long term boyfriend also shares the same day of 14th July!

Destined to be together

My parents, both born about six weeks apart in 1929, married in 1950 and are still together. Before they married, there was no obvious connection between their two families. They have consecutively numbered birth certificates! This resulted from each of their mothers registering their births on the same day, at the same registry office in Nottingham, one after the other.

chance meeting a complete stranger twice in a month

On a Singapore Airlines flight from Hong Kong to Singapore in April this year i was approached by one of the air crew.

Serendipitous sandwich

I was out for a walk around my neighborhood when a friend/acquintance texted me to see what I was doing that night. I chose to respond later when I had a better idea of my plans and kept walking. As I finally chose to return home, I had a sudden craving for a very specific local sandwich that only one local joint served. As I walked into to sandwich joint I saw the friend who had texted me earlier eating the same sandwich. p.s. coincidences like the above have become more pronounced as I've started a daily meditation practice.

Birthdates Coincedence x 3

Hello. I'm one of three brothers, (all different ages about 3 years apart), and we all have children. Three of the cousins share the same birthday of July 14th but are all different ages - again about 3 years apart. The middle one is a boy and the other 2 are girls. We've often tried to reacall what special event may have occured about 9 months before July 14th and can only come up with Guy Fawkes Night :-)

unlikely meeting

I went to visit an old school friend who had recently moved into a flat in a house in Muswell Hill, London. I rang his flat bell, and he buzzed me in to enter the hallway. To my surprise in the hall I saw another old friend - a fellow musician I had played with several years previously and had not seen for several years. </p> <p>It turned out that he was coincidentally visiting the person who lived in the flat next door to the friend I was visiting! </p> <p>The two people who lived in the flats had no other connection other than being neighbours.

Dying message

Two of my sisters, who no longer had contact with my father, had exactly the same dream, on the same night. One was on holiday in Portugal and the other was in Liverpool. In the dream my father had said how sorry he was for everything he had done and asked for them to forgive him. Each of my sisters had independently told me about the strange dream they had, the dream they relayed to me was identical in every detail. We then worked out dates, which was easy for me to remember as they'd both had the dream the night before my father died.