Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Number plate

I worked in a car spares shop which made up car number plates. We had a display on the wall showing the type of plates we could make up while the customer waited. On one occasion, a guy came in who wanted a front plate for his van. I went out to the back of the shop to start making it up, when I noticed that the registration had the letter O included in it. Unfortunately, I had run out of O,s, so I tried cutting up a Q which didn't work.


A couple of years ago I was travelling with Spanish and Chilean friends in Chile and one member of the group inherited the nick name 'Pablo Neruda' his name was Pablo (he is from Madrid) and apparently some resemblance to him. As I'm British I had no idea who Neruda was other than a famous Chilean poet. 2 or so years later I was on holiday in the south of France and happened to walk past a cultural centre dedicated to Neruda and for the first time I saw his name spelt. Some weeks after this once more the name Neruda came to my attention.


Another person has the same name and date of birth, as me. One consequence of this was that a police officer was convinced that I am a criminal - so she sent me to jail.

Coincidence linking past people with the present

My partners mother came from Austria in 1936 and worked at a local house. I became interested in the history which led to a series of coincidence. The house and garden is usually closed to the public, however, while i was thinking about this we unexpectedly discovered the Garden was open for just 1 day of the year. We were surprised and drove back to visit. We were surprised to discover someone we knew had refurbished the house and Garden (someone who had died a few years earlier).

same odd birthdays, same places lived

I met this man, so far a pretty awesome guy much like myself in many ways. We share the same birthday October 31st, and we also lived near each other twice in two different states. I moved to south las Vegas in 2009 lived there until 2011 then moved to Oklahoma near Tulsa ok. I met this man same birthday then I find out that we both moved to Vegas in the same year lived a few miles from each other aother now we both live near Tulsa once again a few miles from each other. And met just by chance playing the app game scrabble.

coincidences - in a short time frame of 24hours

I experience days when I do or say something without any prior thinking and then later on the day something happens that relates to the action or what I would have said. yesterday a friend of mind was talking about her son's behaviour and I casually said that to attract her attention he will have to do something else or think of something else..... a few hours later her son ran from home and she found him 2 hours after... on same date I was joking to a new college about her husband who is unknown to me but has the same age....


I had never used a car valet service in my life, when being short of time, I decided to use one to get my car in a respectable state for a visitor. I arranged for a valet service come to my work to valet the car while I was at work. A colleague who works with me and had also never used a car valet service in her life, happened to independently arrange the same valet service to valet her car at work on the same day, for reasons unrelated to my reason for using the valet service.

Lived in the same house

I was at a house party for a friend in a town close to where I grew up. I started talking to this random girl and I asked her where she grew up. She began to describe where she lived when she was growing up and it ended up being the house I live in now. Her bedroom was the bedroom I have now. So weird!

The Coincidence of Kes

an old friend who lives in London (I live in Canada) is a film producer, quite successful at this time. In the early days of her career (1960's), she was involved in the production of a black and white film about a boy and his hawk called Kes. It was an obscure film, probably lost forever now. I know about it because my friend told me about it and that it was, out of all her productions, the one she was most proud of. My friend and I talk about once a year by phone and catch up.


My friends and I went to a birthday party at a friend's place. One of my friends was quite hyperactive that evening, jumping and dancing and doing his robotic break dance stuff for hours. After a while we started joking about it and someone asked where to switch him off. I just randomly pressed my finger into his belly, my friend played along and instantly stopped moving. At that exact moment, the music and all lights went out, too. The fuse had blown at exactly the same time as I pressed the "off-switch". That was the first and last time that fuse ever blew.