Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

January 20th

I'm not sure if this is one, but my great family Members, inventors, great grand parents, etc. all died on my birthday January 20th

Going to California

In January 2008 I was in the early courtship days with my husband, and we were driving north from San Fransisco on a road trip adventure. We didn't have any music on in the car, but I suddenly had a song come to mind...''Going to California' by Led Zeppelin. I mentioned that song to him and he said I could get his iPod from the glovebox, because he had the song on there & I could put it on. I fiddled for a few mintues, but couldn't figure out how to select a song (it was in random mode), so I just thought we'd listen to anything.

musical interlude teaches lesson to misogynist

A few months ago, I was berating my wife for breaking something else again. This time the stereo in her car. I always picked up the pieces and this was routine for us. This time however, I refused telling her it was a man's world when it came to DIY and maintenance (sorry!) and she should fix it herself. She ordered the relevant parts off the internet and by hook or crook managed to fix it just as I pulled up to the drive. As she switched it on, guess what was playing on the radio right at the chorus ...... Who Run the World (Girls) by Beyoncé

Don't answer the phone

Before I post mine I've just experienced something weird; I came across this site by chance and after reading through a couple of the stories I was about to go back to where I was searching before I found this site and as I got back to the main page I saw the clock display picture was at 12.34.

Family Immigration

While researching family history I discovered one branch of the family left Bergen, Germany by sea on my brothers birthdate of 21/10, but in 1858, and arrived in Adelaide, Australia on my birthdate 3/2, but in 1859.

son father died

Three year ago on 17 may 2011 my son passed away at 3 am in the morning in hospital.He died at the same time were I brought him to the hospital 3 am in the morning. With organ problem. two years later my husband died in 18 may 2013 at 6 pm in hospital with organ problem.That the first coincidence.The second is these the person, my son and me got the same pin code for the bank but inverse for eg 3465 - 6534 and after he died I cant save any money on this account.

Negative correlation

I have observed/realised that whenever I was rooting for a soccer team this became defeated. Whenever I run away from the TV screen, the play seemed quiet, whenever I reappeared, the opposite team immediately scored a goal. This was particularly the case with Germany versus Portugal and Netherlands contra Spain, when I was rooting for Portugal and Spain and both were bombastically defeated (4:0; 5:1 ). I decided to counteract this tendency. In case of Germany vs.

Ex boyfriends end up living in same cul-de-sac in distant town

I've had 7 boyfriends in my life. Like me, my first boyfriend 'A' lived in Birmingham. We dated for a few months when we were 18. A few years later I met 'B' from London. We dated for 5 years and we too lived in Birmingham. I didn't keep in touch with either of them. 19 years later I discovered that they both live in the same small cul-de-sac in a small town in Nottinghamshire.

same name, same street

Discovered today that someone with the same name as me lives at an adjacent house number in same street

same birthday, same hospital room

I met and became friends with a girl in my 4th grade class- we were both born at the same hospital on July 17, 1970 and our mothers had shared a room post-delivery where they'd chatted during their short stay but hadn't kept in touch. I also met a woman through work that was born on the 17th of July and last year I befriended a woman online that happened to be born on July 17th too.