Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Two people share same intials

The end result of a 3 month project at work (large global corporation) was purchasing several products. The purchase orders were issued by 2 different people, both with the initials L.M.

Lovers & Friends of December 1

Had no idea this guy was pursuing to date me. After the second time of hot pursuit of asking me out on a date We decide to date, little did I know that he was born & raised in the same place as my mother. To make a long story short, we have the sane birthday & exactly 10 years apart! Sweetest thing, we Truly Love each other & Engaged!! ♡

Dream Prediciton

My freshman year of college, there was an exchange student that I was dating. During our Spring Break, I went home to stay with my parents. Waiting for him to call me one day, I laid down on the couch to take a nap and had a dream. IN my dream, I was asleep on the same exact couch, and was woken up by a phone call. I answered it and it was the guy I was dating. What felt like a second or two later, I was really woken up and my phone was ringing. It was the guy I was dating. I have never really figured out why or how that happened, but it has stuck with me ever since.

winifred Atwell

My good pal Derek, and i were visiting the Somerset levels prior to this awful flooding, to do an afternoon of birding (we r not twitchers ),so we were randomly zig zagging the area around Shapwick and West Hay,and Tadham moor,during our drive we were talking about old sixties female boogie woogie piano players,and Winifred Attwell came into our reflections,as Derek mentioned the name, a smallish flat bed truck came around the bend and on the front was W.Atwell in very bold type,Whooaa,ok you may think,,,that was at about 10 in the morning,having mused on this for about 20 mins we continued


Whilst relating an incident with my antivirus program AVAST which had blocked a DLL on the computer without reason I was explaining what had happened to my partner. The TV was playing the remake 'The day the earth stood still' and Kathy Bates as Regina Jackson was uttering the phrase '...a vast....' in mid sentence just as I was relating the problem with the antivirus program AVAST!


I am Scottish but have lived in England for many years. My daughter who is English lives in New Zealand with her partner. He did the round the world bit in his twenties and spent time in Edinburgh and London where he met my daughter. He has a child from a relationship with a girl whom he met in Scotland. She moved to New Zealand, met and married another man, a few years ago. Her parents travelled from UK for the wedding and met my daughter. She told me about the wedding and spoke about the parents being from Scotland.


Whilst reading an ebay description of a malfunctioning casio cz230s,and watching 'Watchmen' on tv, the description on ebay noted that ' some switch configurations produce silence'. At that exact moment the tv soundtrack of the movie played 'the sound of silence' by simon and garfunkel!

meeting someone who knew my Dad's family

I work and live in the south west of England but myself and a colleague (originally from Scotland) were seconded to India. Whilst we were there, her parents came to visit. Her Dad - who I hadn't previously realised was English - had a familiar accent. It turned out he grew up in the same South East England town as my dad - they'd lived about 100m apart.

Coincidence 666

just wanted to add that I happened to switch on 'Star Gazing' when they were tasting Ardbeg whisky - the whisky i had bought out of a theme of coincidence. I noted they were saving money or something as they had not got the actual space whisky, marketed as the space whisky, there again this one sold as the space whisky wasn't the drink used in the official space station experiments, anyway?

Lizzy Hill

Further to the coincidences I posted regarding the number 666, I was again drawn back to the place where the coincidence began, when someone said they grew up near there, through a poem on whisky. It mentioned ~Ardbeg which is the name of a whisky distillery and the name of the road where I lived. I heard the poem on whiskies around the same time I was thinking of the place i lived where my connections with the number 666 began due to noting that street on a map on the wall in Marble Arch, ran into the road where the person grew up near.