Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Mother/Son Holiday Birthdays!

My mother gave birth to her first child, which was me, on Halloween (October 31), which I have found to be a pretty common birthday. Then, I gave birthday to my first child on Christmas (December 25)! Mother Halloween, baby Christmas, I thought it was kind of neat! My mother also gave birth to all her children in October, second born, 14th, and third born 27th.


My parents home phone number in Spain - 95 283 61 54 My old Army number is 25183546. This is only one 9 short of containing exactly the same digits.

Favourite earring returned

On 27th September 2013, I visited Cambridge to meet up with a dear friend who also did her PhD at Cambridge almost 20 years ago. After a relaxing day enjoying the sights and reminiscing about old times, we went to the ladies loo at Lion Yard in the centre of Cambridge before heading back. My friend took the bus towards Babraham Road and I went to the rail station. When I reached the platform a charming lady, whom I had never met before, pointed towards an empty train on the adjacent platform, and asked if we were standing on the correct platform for the train to London.

Meeting strangers twice, twice

I have two different stories accounting for the same type of coincidence: meeting a stranger twice. 1. One morning I saw a girl who looked like a girl from school. It was not the girl from school, but she looked a lot like her and was wearing a red sweater. Later that afternoon, at a restaurant in a completely different neighborhood of the city, I saw the same girl again, wearing the red sweater. 2. My sister and I were flying from New York to San Jose on a return flight over the weekend.


I seem to experience a "rash" of coincidences that occur over several days or weeks. Many of them have to do with typical coincidences such as last week when I got into my car and I immediately thought of Kurt Cobain and said to myself - "Ahhhhh Kurt, gone too soon". Then I turned on the radio and there he was! Other coincidences are truly strange when I'm thinking of a specific phrase I read, and two days later, I come across the exact phrase in a much older book!

Collapsing audiences

I'm a regular theatre goer. At the RSC today, along with two friends to see Richard II with David Tennant playing Richard. The last occasion we had all three seen the play was at the Donmar Warehouse with Eddy Redmayne playing the lead. On that occasion a member of the audience collapsed during the first half of the performance. Eddy Redmayne stopped his speech, asked if there was any medical professional in the audience and the performance was stopped.

Serendipitous book finding

I am writing a PhD on ancient Greek art and was starting to research general theoretical approaches to art history. One morning, I came across the name of an art historian- Erwin Panofsky. I am sorry to say I had not heard of him before, though he is quite an influential figure in 20th century art history. I Googled him and found an essay by him that I began reading. At one point I left my desk to bring a book back to the university library.

As soon as I thought of him, he walked by.

I was sitting in the kitchen with my mother and the moment (literally, the split second) I began talking about my friend, Patrick, he walked by, in front of my kitchen window with his girlfriend. I was amazed. He does live up the block from me.

Met a man who has the same name

I was sitting in Starbucks and I met this man. His first name is my last name. And my first name is his mother's first name.

suprising coincident.

I'm Ladidi About 3yrs back a guy (Peter) walked into my office and asked me to help him with Microsoft Project, I offered him the assistance he needed and afterward I saw him once in a while and didn't see him again. During those periods I saw him, all we did was wave at eachother. Recently my department conducted a training where I was a support-facilitator. Suprisingly, he was one of our students, after the training he offered to get me lunch but I wasn't all that interested but he made sure we exchanged numbers.