Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Funny test resualt

I learn at a special math program . last year I have done an important test and after I did it I felt that I am going to get a 100(perfect score in Israel) . When i got the results I was surprised to see that I got a low grade , when I looked well I saw my name on the grade but I noticed that the ID number did not match my. After I talked with the secretary I discoverd that there is another kid named just like me and has a similar ID number that what has caused the test mixing. I am shore the other kid was upset to know that his grade was quite lower.

Many coincidences

Currently going through a divorce i met my new partner and the following coincidences have been this unusual? I share the same christian name as partners deceased wife. Partner has same christian name as my son. Partners son and my ex husband have exactly the same birthday My house has been on the market for two years and legally completed on the anniversary of partners wifes death My surname has 5 letters my partners has 4 of which 3 of these letters match

Printed email address

Over the years I lost touch with a dear friend , I tried the internet with no luck. One day I sent out a printer to be repaired and when I got it back, it had on the paper tray, a couple of sheets of recycled paper the technician probably used to test it out. On one of those I found the email address of my long lost friend.

Pope Bergoglio's name

Just before the election of the last Pope, my husband asked me information about how the Popes choose their names. I answered him: "A Pope can choose the name he wants, for exemple Francesco". Just a few minutes later the name of the new Pope was announced : "Francesco".

Meetings at Mainz and Manchester

On the platform at Mainz station in Germany I had a brief chat with a stranger; a week later I was registered at Manchester University, and there he was registering next to me.

The same birthday

My birthday is the same as my partner's father's, 50 years apart.

A chance meeting 12,000 miles from home

I was visiting the UK from New Zealand, intending to telephone a friend from school, who lived in Gloucestershire. Before I phoned him, while in London I was going down the escalator at Waterloo tube station, and saw him riding up it.

TV coincidence.

Today (24.02.2015) I took and old TV set to my local recycling plant just outside a town called Gravesend. The set itself was an Hitachi all transistor colour set from around 1984. A typical 80's model with push buttons and having a cathode ray tube was quite heavy.

Parents door key works in my door

Reading coincidence 7954, I recalled the fact I discover my parents front door key works in my front door (but not the other way around). I discovered this by accident after they have purchased replacement windows and front door, but not yet had them fitted.


I was playing a new game of Words with Friends. I was given the usual random 7 letters and my name came together in order, KAREN. Unless the game is programmed to do that and I don't think it is, I found those odds of that happening pretty remote. I do have a screen shot somewhere. I have another to share. I was listening to oldies music one morning on a run when for the first time in 35 years I understood the lyrics to this one verse in the chorus of this song.