Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Parallel lives

I met an English guy at a friends party in 2008 - he was 30 years old, it was just a one off and i never met him ever again, i had added him on fb and i deleted him in 2012. In 2014 i went to England for a holiday after i got back from England - between Aug 2014 and Nov 2014, i booked myself in for a speed dating event and when i went to the event i met this English guy as one of the dates after 6 years and this time i was nearly 30. My friends Chatri (birthdate 6th September) and Emily (birthdate 4th June) got married on the 21st June 2014 in Australia.

Parallel lives

My mum has 3 kids and her sister (my aunty) has 3 kids - on the 4th March 1981 my mum was giving birth to my brother (her 2nd child), while it was my aunty's wedding day. My brother got married on the 3rd Feb 2014 and my aunty's daughter (who is the 2nd child too) got married on the same day. My first boyfriend's birthdate was 11th Feb, my best friend's first boyfriend's birthdate was 12th feb. Then my best friend met her current husband in America whose birthdate was 19th March. I went to Australia and met my 2nd boyfriend whose birthdate was 18th March.

Sharing event dates with other's in family tree.

I am very much into the study of genealogy. I've discovered a lot about my family's history, where they came from, how they lived, etc. One date seems to repeat itself often, being March 30. Mostly births, deaths, and marriages. The most meaningful to me being that it is my birthday, and the day that my Grandmother died. A bittersweet day, as she meant a lot to me. But I just found it odd that both her and I share this date with so many in our family tree, and wonder if it's a date that the stars align just right for events in our family!

Wedding day

A few years ago after getting a wedding reception invite I had to find something suitable to wear. I am not a fashion guru and not someone who wears suits. Decided to visit the charity shops. I found a suitable jacket and also a waist coat. It wasn't until I got back home that I noticed a small sewn in label inside the waist coat. The label was strangely a date, but even stranger ( the date 8. 06 . 62 ) the day and month was that of the wedding day I was to attend !

only person I know in Norwich

Shortly after I left University one of my friends got married in Norwich. I went to the wedding and this was the only time I had ever visited Norwich. About ten years later, having lost touch with this chap, I had to go to Norwich for a work thing, my second ever visit. I went out to lunch at a cafe and found myself wondering what had happened to my old friend, and just as I did he walked in and sat down at the next table.

Alphanumeric serial number ends in my Name

About 4 months ago I purchased a standard replacement 2TB internal hard disk drive for a spare PC. This drive failed suddenly and completely a few days ago. Wanting to claim on the 12 months warranty offered by the computer store I noted down the 12 character alphanumeric serial number and was surprised to find the last 5 characters were.... PAULJ. My name is Paul Jxxxxxx. Now I wonder whether some three-letter organization wanted me to have that particular drive in my PC?

5 year anniversaries happening at once

In the last few days my facebook newsfeed has been seemingly full of 5 year anniversaries! Several couples I know who met 5 years ago, and several people I know who have children whose 5th birthday it is. This feels like a cooincidence, leading me to think - "wow, what happened in March 2010?". But it is probably not statistically that unlikely, since we are only talking about 4 5 year anniversaires, and I have about 900 facebook friends.

Matching Birthdays

Me and my partners family birthdays all seam to cross over on the same days, e.g my uncles and my partners both on the 20th may. There are about 8 that cross over on various dates in the year. The strangest one is, my partner had a brother who died when he was a baby, he was born 9th January, when we found out we was expecting a baby the due date was 8th January, our daughter came into the world on 9th January same day as her uncle!!


I went outside for a cigarette with some guys on my college course who I don't know very well, I happened to ask for a fag because I was pissed off with college, but generally don't smoke. Anyway we walked outside and I was talking about some shit, but a helicopter above was interrupting me, I thought in the back of my mind that what I trying to say was so unimportant and crap anyway I stopped trying to speak over it.

its about talking with my friend on a certain topic and getting that thingbin front of us

me and my friend use to share a room at a place far from our homes due to jobs in the same company .we use to talk over many topics no matter on any topic may be related to work or other stuffs ,when i say other stuff it use to be any topic the best example was watching tv and then talking about a specific movie or person or character and next time when we use to put tv on and yes the very next time we use to see that movie or that person or that character in a tv channel just while we were browsing through channels.these type of incidences are really common and we have also noticed that these