Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

I can't breath

In the 2007 animated feature voiced by Jerry Seinfeld. there is a brief scene showing an old lady being arrested by the police. she is restrained by having her head pushed down on to a street cafe table. Her words whilst this is going on are "I can't breath". Bringing to mind the recent news story (2014) regarding the death of a man during an arrest in America.

Careful planning or coincidence?

My birthday is the same day as my fathers, and my sisters birthday is the same day as my mothers.

Alabama Rot in dogs - clusters in New Forest, Greater Manchester & Surrey

Alabama Rot aka Idiopathic Cutaneous and Renal Glomerular Vasculopathy (CRGV) is a disease in UK dogs first recognised in November 2012. Up to December 2014 there have been 65 recorded cases: 46 confirmed dog deaths, 12 unconfirmed deaths and 7 unconfirmed cases where dogs survived – an 89% mortality rate. Of the 46 confirmed CRGV cases, 21 cases (45%) are scattered throughout England, 25 cases (55%) are in 3 clusters (>3 confirmed cases): New Forest (16 cases), Greater Manchester (5 cases) and Guildford, Surrey (4 cases).

coincidence of synchronicity over three days

Day one - listerned to a radio 4 programme about synchronicity. Day two in office; was just about to phone someone when they phoned me; discussed synchronicity with them and with workmates. 10 minutes later; got in car to go home; started car and radio 1 came on; tune ended immediately and dj announced that the band was "synchronicity 2". i.e. a coincidence involving the word "synchronicity".

My I guess you can call them coincidences

March 29th 1978 my mother gave birth to a set of twins girls. August 16th that same year my father and his wife had a set of twin boys. ( My parents of course were divorced) In 1995 temped for a bank for about 2 weeks there was a guy name Cliff worked there too about two months later I was on a train my way to Mississippi to my father's funeral. I got up to go the ladies room and who do I see walking towards me but the same guy Cliff he was the train on his way to New Orleans.

same name and bday

met a woman who has the same birthday and unusual name as me..we are just alike! ...our names are lolita ,bday march 12, very odd.what does this mean??


My partner and I met since one and a half year after going through similar marriages with moody persons. We did and do so many things in parallel although we live in different cities and come together for about 20-30% of the time. In our close relatives, we share 2 birthdays on the same dates - my sister's and his ex's, my other sister's and his son.

Death Coincidence

Four years ago my husbands uncle died on December 25th (Christmas day) the following year his cousin died in a horrible accident a week before Thanksgiving, the following year another ancle past on Christmas day and this year (2014) his maternal grandmother follow her two sons right just on Christmas. It is very sad for all of his family.

Birthday and names are the same

My husband and I are both born on 24th August 1981, a minute apart. His mother and my mother share the same name. Their mothers also share the same name. We met in highschool and were instantly drawn to each other and became best friends, but never romantically involved. After school we parted ways, went into other relationships but always thought of each other. We met up 4 years after school and instantly fell in love, left our currently relationships for each other and got married 6 months later.

3 numbers in a row

My father died young. A few years later my mother decided to move to the city and put her name down for a house being built in a new estate. More than a decade later, my youngest sister got married and moved out into her own house a few blocks away. Some years later, my mother, who by now had had plenty of free time to think about life's twists and turns, said to me: Isn't it remarkable? your father died on August 17; the house I moved into was at 18 Halldene Drive; and your sister's house is 19 Halldene Gardens!