Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!


In 2012 I was in The Cavern in Liverpool and met a 2 young Mexican couples who were travelling Europe. A week later I was saw them again at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

Repeating Series of Numbers

For the past couple of years, two number sequences having been appearing quite frequently: 911 and 917 on my clocks and watch. The former is obvious, the latter is the month and day of my birth. I don't know enough about numerology to accept its answers, but my first response would be it's not credible. The situation clearly does not seem to be a coincidence, so what is it?

Cheap sneakers

I was just commenting on Facebook upon a story about a girl who got beat up for 'wearing the wrong trainers' and remarked that I was once laughed at for wearing trainers that were not one of the top brands by my neighbour. Mine were cheaper and outlasted his. Then Billy Joel came on TV and sang 'You get more milelage from a cheap pair of sneakers'.....!

It happens often and there a loads I can tell you.

someone looking at a book with over 3,000 films - I asked the person if he had seen the Limey - he was reading about it when I asked. I was across the room and could not see what he was reading. Said something and it appears on the TV - this can happen several times a week and then it won't happen again for months. There are a lot more.

Recurring name

As a journalist who writes about business and cars, I was at my office in a downtown Dallas high rise surfing the Internet about 10 a.m. when I came across an article in a British newspaper that seemed particularly well written (I think it was about the Iraq War). Scrolling up to find the byline, I looked at the name: "Jonathan Steele." At that EXACT moment, the phone rang and I picked it up. The caller introduced himself as "Jonathan Steele" and said he was calling to see if I was interested in using for ad listings.

Miss Reynolds

A place I worked at a few years ago I was surprised to find that I and two other women all had a daughter who shared the same birthday. Not that unusual, except our daughters were all born on Christmas Eve.

The same macaroni everywhere

I asked my girlfriend to get some fancy pasta for me to use to enter a cooking contest party of her co-workers. She got farfalle (bowtie macaroni). I had a temporary job making deliveries, and within a few weeks of getting the macaroni, I made a delivery to a bar/restaurant. In the parking lot I noticed a box that had broken open, and the contents were sealed in a plastic bag that was sticking out of the box. Inside the bag was bowtie macaroni.


This just happened to me yesterday (July 17, 2015). I was returning some DVD's to the library, and two of them contained episodes of the Blackadder TV show. Rgith after dropping off the DVD's, I walked over to the books-for-sale shelf, and picked up a book I hadn't seen there before. It was entitled "Spud - The Madness Continues," about a South African schoolboy nicknamed Spud. The description on the back mentioned Spud's friend Vern Blackadder.

The Dolphin Pendant

I was walking with someone and brought up the subject of dolphins, saying somewhat jokingly that I was thinking about writing a novel with a dolphin as of the main characters. Not a minute later we were stopped at a traffic light, and on the ground I saw a dulled silver-colored piece of metal attached to a shoelace. I picked it up to examine it, and it was a pendant in the shape of a dolphin.

We kept running into each other

I dropped off a job application with the receptionist at an office. Weeks later, we bumped into each other after dark and out of doors in another part of town. (I didn't recognize her, but she recognized me and mentioned that I had left off the application.) After some time had passed, we ran into each other at least one more time, and likely twice at two different times and places.