Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!


Born in Oak Park, Illinois, I moved to England in 1969. I decided to visit Hampton Court via the then Green Line coaches. There was always a queue, but this time I began chatting to the girl behind me. Having established that she was also American and also from Oak Park, she suddenly said 'your name is Valerie and your mother is Lillian.

The name game

When I was 15 I met my first boyfriend, Paul. We parted four years later while both at different universities. I moved to London in 1969, knowing nothing of Paul since 1962. I married, he married and that was that until 1979 when I got a call out of the blue from Paul. Now he didn't know my married name and didn't know where I was in the UK. But when he became CEO of a company in Zug, Switzerland, he often came to meetings in the UK. On the off-chance, during one visit he looked up my maiden name, V. Valentine, in the telephone directory.

Life's full of them

I seem to collect coincidences in addition to the two already posted. On a London bus I sat next to a girl who turned out to be the sister of my roommate at University 12 years previously.

Are They Really Coincidences(2)

Carrying on from earlier post. Went out this afternoon (9 Oct.) on my normal cycle ride (for exercise) I do around 10-12 miles each day along a variety of different routes. Today I was out west of the town along quiet country lanes (nicer to ride as no traffic). On way back around 5 miles from town -- yep, that silver Mercedes..

Are They Really Coincidences ?

My mother never believed in coincidence and often talked about these things that others referred to as coincidence as just normal life but sadly I did not really take much notice until recent years, as I've reached middle age - and thought more about the meaning of life etc. as I suppose one does at this time.

I was Born This Way on this day.

I was born on August 10, 1977, 6 days before Elvis died. Madonna turned 19 on this day. My Grandmother died on my birthday when I turned 25. (Madonna was 19 and I was 25. Like 6 years difference and like 6 days apart from Elvis was me.) My grandmother also died 5 minutes after the time I was born on August 10, 2002. I've always felt the connection to famous musicians. My grandmothers birthday was March 28th. Lady Gaga birthday is this same day as my grandmothers and I feel we live a parallel life. I have made over 25 other discovery about Lady Gaga and me.

Same birthdays

I am the second child in my family and was born on my parent's wedding anniversary. Just before marrying my husband, my then future brother in law got married on the same date as my birthday. Several years later his wife gave birth to their second child on their wedding anniversary. So we all share the same date for celebrations!

Double birthday coincidence

nanny came for interview - she has same birthday as me, her son has same birthday as my daughter (she gave dates first and didn't believe me)

Birthday Coincidences

I have just gone to university in Wales and my opposite flat mate has exactly the same birthday as me and her sister has exactly the same birthday as my sister. And we are both studying psychology. How random is that!

Same Pin

I was recently issued a randomly assigned 4-digit PIN number that was identical to another recently assigned random PIN. They were assigned for different purposes by different companies (I.e they are not both for credit cards or banking). Even if both companies eliminate some combinations from the pool of available numbers in the same way I find it a coincidence that the same number was issued to me twice at the same time.