Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Sitting next to somebody on a train

When I was a student in Cardiff I got the train back to my parents home in Hertfordshire. This required an intercity train to Paddington, then the tube to Liverpool Street to connect with the train to Bishop's Stortford. The train stopped at Bristol and a man in a formal work suit and briefcase boarded the train and sat in the seat opposite me. We exchanged hellos but nothing more and I returned to my book. We both got off the train at Paddington and drifted off into the busy Paddington station.

Birthday coincidences

I joined a small committee of 12 members of a local National Trust Centre and when we were arranging events in December, we discovered that three members of that committee (including me) all had birthdays on 8 December. I also have a twin sister so that made 4 people born on the same date. Other coincidences are: I went on a coach holiday to Austria and one of the group heard my NZ accent and said she had a cousin who lived in New Zealand and worked in sports broadcasting in Wellington.

One Too Many?

Whilst trying to cope with a co -writer's obsession*with coincidences l have suddenly been prey to a raft of the things - in variety and scale<br /> and not only are they (of course) pertinent but they seem to be revitalising me<br /> and I am nearly expecting them.<br /> So you will want at least one example:<br /> l work as a published author at home and move from task to task and very often just when `<br /> l get going on a new task the phone rings or a visitor arrives.<br /> One more: just as l was starting the task of writing this response m

Face Coincidences

Ever since I was younger I feel like I have a "type" of vision. The event is that someone would walk past me or I see someone in the distance that has the same features of someone I know, but ends of being someone else; and seconds later I see the person who I thought is was. This event has happened tons of times to me. Any thoughts?

Surprising Coincidences

First of all, I apolegize in advance ifI have any spelling mistake<br /> A few days ago, I was driving to work and in a small traffic jam, the radio started to play the song "Susanna" by the band Art Company . looking to my right, a truck with a huge writing SUSANA moving company was by my side.....<br /> a few days later i cought a show in the history channel about a toy called "Etch A Sketch", didnt give it a lot of thought....

suddently miss a friend or my parents

When suddenly I miss a friend or my parents due to long time no see, at the time of my hesitating to call to a friend or my parents, I will receive a phone call or a letter. It is amazing and coincident. I don't know why and can't get a answer.

Number plate

I worked in a car spares shop which made up car number plates. We had a display on the wall showing the type of plates we could make up while the customer waited. On one occasion, a guy came in who wanted a front plate for his van. I went out to the back of the shop to start making it up, when I noticed that the registration had the letter O included in it. Unfortunately, I had run out of O,s, so I tried cutting up a Q which didn't work.


A couple of years ago I was travelling with Spanish and Chilean friends in Chile and one member of the group inherited the nick name 'Pablo Neruda' his name was Pablo (he is from Madrid) and apparently some resemblance to him. As I'm British I had no idea who Neruda was other than a famous Chilean poet. 2 or so years later I was on holiday in the south of France and happened to walk past a cultural centre dedicated to Neruda and for the first time I saw his name spelt. Some weeks after this once more the name Neruda came to my attention.


Another person has the same name and date of birth, as me. One consequence of this was that a police officer was convinced that I am a criminal - so she sent me to jail.

Coincidence linking past people with the present

My partners mother came from Austria in 1936 and worked at a local house. I became interested in the history which led to a series of coincidence. The house and garden is usually closed to the public, however, while i was thinking about this we unexpectedly discovered the Garden was open for just 1 day of the year. We were surprised and drove back to visit. We were surprised to discover someone we knew had refurbished the house and Garden (someone who had died a few years earlier).