Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!


We had an all white fluffy long-haired pet cat who had a very distinct look (grandchild of a rag doll cat). For various reasons we have him to a family who love 2 hours drive away. I moved house to another town near my old one. One day I looked out the window and saw our cat walk past my house looking very unwell and beaten up. It was so convincing I went outside and called him with the sound he used to come to me with but he had gone. I then got upset and called the family to make sure he was still with them and ok, which he was. He must have been the most amazingly perfect doppleganger.


My mother was telling my date and I about how "the butterfly is the symbol of transformation". Exactly as she said it, a butterfly fluttered outside the open window behind her. What made it even stranger was that we were 3 floors up in a top floor flat, of the highest building in the village 2 weeks ago (end of October 2013)... I.e. It's very very rare, if not unlikely, to ever see a butterfly that high up.

Ghost from the past

Our house was chosen at random in the locality by the council to have a residential survey carried out. The guy who called round was from a company in Yorkshire that the council had outsourced the work to. While we were chatting over a coffee he said he was from a certain town in Yorkshire. I told him that my husband had had a friend at university (and we are talking 30 years ago) from that town who had been killed in a car accident in the vacation of his second year. This guy went white and said 'we had all been on a night out. I was travelling in the car behind'.

Same road, miles from home 50 years later

I used to live in Kent. Paternal grandmother lived in Barnet, Uncle (mother's brother) lived in Buckhurst Hill. We would visit granny once a year, usually in spring, and when we did, we would make a trip to see uncle for an hour or so, taking us through Enfield and Ponders End. We (I, wife and family) now live in wales (different houses but within 5 miles of each other). Younger daughter has married someone whose granddad lives in Edmonton. I promised to take grandson on a train trip round london. While they were staying with granddad, I came up independently by train.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Early one morning around 5:30am I found myself thinking about President Roosevelt. I'm a bus driver and I was driving to my starting destination. When I arrived at the destination I began setting the bus up, proper signage, etc when I noticed something behind the drivers seat. There was a little green book and it was about president Roosevelt. The book was written by his son-in-law and published in the late 60's. It doesn't stop there. While on my route I was stopped at a stop light.

Similar Birthdays.

This might not be much of a coincidence but my mum's birthday is October 12th 1963 and my Dad's is October 13th 1963. My brother's birthday is August 3rd 1995, my sister's birthday is August 3rd 2002 and my birthday is August 8th 1997. Seems quite cool and unlikely they are so close together and similar!


I was listening to a play on the radio, and one of the characters said someone had moved to Indianapolis. I was also reading an email which arrived as i was listening to the radio. At the exact time that the character said 'Indianapolis' on the radio, my eye fell on upon the word 'Indianapolis' written in the email.

Stag and deer deaths

I farm in West Wales. My next door neighbour, Ken, a life-long stockfarmer of 75, was semi-retired and had bought a few hinds and a stag for his own amusement. Last week he was gored to death by his own stag. His sons have just told me that the day before Ken was killed, a previous owner of my own farm and a friend of Ken, had also been killed, by a deer running into his car, a hundred miles away in Staffordshire.

phone operator

i call some one that i don't call often and at the same time, some one that i don;t speak often call me asking me for the phone of the person i was calling

Saw, then found, in 1 hour

I was in an auto parts store 10 miles from my house in very rural southern Ohio, glancing at bottles on a shelf while waiting in line. I quickly looked over all the objects on the shelf, but I became interested in a certain product called Sea Foam Motor Treatment because it was odd seeing something that was boat related and had a big wave on it in land-locked Ohio. I real the label, then realized I was next at the counter to pay for my spark plugs. I paid and drove home, then changed my spark plugs.